Why Was Aloisia Pulled from WWE NXT 3?

– According to PWInsider, Lindsay Hayward, the 6-9, 240-pound woman given the name Aloisia for the third season of NXT, was actually dropped from the program due to erotic photos WWE officials uncovered of the giant grappler shortly after her television premiere last Tuesday.

The reported reason of Hayward being pulled from the program due to being deemed ‘not ready’ is said to be a cover excuse.

A set of photographs labeled “Tall Amazons Erotica” depict Hayward in a manner unbecoming to World Wrestling Entertainment’s family friendly product. A number of the shots feature Aloisia positioned erotically, including nude. There are also images of the she-giant engaging pleasantries with a petite blonde woman.

The storyline reason given for Hayward’s hastily dismissal from NXT was that Aloisia had been fired by her Pro, Vickie Guerrero, after an argument over her influence. Guerrero will reveal her new Rookie Diva during tonight’s season 3 premiere.

Hayward currently remains under contract to WWE.



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  • themike

    wwe divas been nude in playboy while employed by wwe, so whats the big deal? wwe needs to slow down on this family friendly shit, this is a company that promotes fighting, so either quit fighting and dance instead, or grow some nuts and fight & wrestle & have fun doing it.

  • ecw original

    the mike i am so with you its lilke dum that wwe has gotten gey they should never ever haved changed the ecw from chairs trashcans and tables to hugs and kisses thats why the ecw originals quited . jodanse piches maricas sin bolas hijas de putas prostitutas.

  • themike

    I spoke too soon. cole, mathews DANCING. i didnt tune in to wwe for dancing!

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