Vickie Guerrero’s New WWE NXT Rookie Diva Revealed

– The new WWE NXT Diva Rookie that replaced Aloisia is named Caitlin. Caitlin is the former Ricki Vaughn of Florida Championship Wrestling and was also known as Celeste.

Apparently she is a former model from the Texas area. She has only been in WWE developmental for about six weeks. She will be mentored by Vickie Guerrero this season.

DIRECT LINK: Photo of New WWE NXT Diva Caitlin!



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  • themike

    When did vickie become a “pro” at anything besides flapping her mouth. being a widow of a great wrestler does NOT make you a pro. if anybody needs to be fired, it’s vickie. She has no real value (or real use) to the wwe.

  • jizz

    @ themike who do u think should be caitlyn’s pro?

  • josh

    My penis lmao

  • themike

    Vickie couldnt wrestle out of bed with her ugly fat ass if it wasnt for the paycheck. if you gonna have a pro, be somebody that could at least arm wrestle.

  • j

    EXCUSE ME!!!

    It obvious reading above that Vickie Guerrero gives people the shits…
    Which is exactly why WWE has kept her on. Shes probably the best non wrestling heel theyve got because she draws automatic heat from the fans. She belches two words and the crowd hates her.
    No shes clearly not a wrestler. Shes not even that great on the mic during long promos. But with those two words, she draws more heat than most people on the damned roster.

  • Kurt

    I think Caitlin is smokin’! Nice curves! I pray she can wrestle. She.s got some buff arms too. I think Aksana will be gone first. Naomi and Maxine look the most prepared. AJ and Jamie look like they can wrestle too. I think WWE is on to something here. These girls are gonna make the women.s division way better.

  • jizz

    hey if the current divas arent happy, like some report said. Might as well replace them with the rookies aj, jamie, caitlyn, and i cant remember the rest.

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