Hulk Hogan Hospitalized Due To Back Pain


Sources close to Hulk Hogan tell TMZ the wrestling legend was taken to the hospital today because of “excruciating back pain.”

We’re told Hogan — who has had several back surgeries throughout the years — has had trouble the past few days and woke up this morning unable to get out of bed.

His girlfriend called the ambulance and, we’re told, he was taken to a local hospital in Clearwater, FL.

Sources tell TMZ Hogan is still in the hospital where tests are being run.




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  • cathy

    just wanted to tell you that he is in my prayers and if you have any other prayer request to email me when in need ty and god bless


    Hulkster rules brother! Amen

  • Alex

    your in my prayers brother! get well

  • Rob Angle

    Hope he gets well soon…..

  • erik

    Hope tna grows brain and gives hogan his pink slip. He can’t go in ring anymore he is 60 years old he has knee brace that covers his whole leg he had several back problems he needs to go and tna can save millions of dollars. hogan and flair need to go tna was fine before they came in.

  • K Kwik

    @ erik,Agreed….

  • patricia mcclure

    i like it


    hey @ERIC what! do you mean before hogan tna was just a backyard crap hogan has added a new class to it tna

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