Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 9/9/2010

– Thanks to John Benoit and PWInsider for the following iMPACT spoilers, airing this Thursday night on Spike:

Dark Match:

*Jesse Neal pinned a name I didn’t catch in a tryout.


*Impact opens with Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy in the ring. Eric Bischoff and his assistant come to the ring. Bischoff gives congratulations to Ken Anderson for winning at No Surrender before putting over both Angle and Hardy for their match at the PPV. The crowd starts a “That was awesome” chant. Bischoff announces a Three-Way match for the TNA title at Bound for Glory but Dixie Carter overrules him and announces Angle vs. Hardy in a no time limit rematch for later tonight with the winner wrestling Anderson at BFG.

*Samoa Joe vs. Kevin Nash with Sting and Jeff Jarrett at ringside ends up a double countout as all four brawl outside the ring. Security finally separates them.

*Backstage, Madison Rayne tells Lacey Von Erich to get dressed as they have a tag bout later.

*Jay Lethal pinned Douglas Williams to capture the TNA X-Division championship. Post-match, TNA sets off orange and white and confetti in the ring. Lethal celebrates in the crowd.

*TNA Knockouts Tag Team champions Hamada & Taylor Wilde defeated Madison Rayne and Lacey Von Erich. Tara and Rayne attacked Lacey for losing but Angelina Love and Velvet Sky made the save and Lacey left with them.

*Tommy Dreamer comes out alone and says EV2.0 aren’t here tonight and he’s here alone. He calls out Fortune. Fortune come out in suits. Dreamer says he told his friends to stay home because he’s tired of seeing his friends getting hurt and he’s calling for a truce. Tommy puts over Fortune as a group, then puts over each member of Fortune one by one. Dreamer says he got Kaz his job in WWE, but Kaz left as he was unhappy and went on to meet his wife in TNA. Dreamer put over Matt Morgan and said he wrestled Bobby Roode in Roode’s WWE tryout match but Roode turned down the job to stick with TNA. He called Ric Flair the “Ultimate hardcore person” and says the day Flair retires for good will be the saddest day in wrestling history. Dreamer then put over AJ Styles and said Styles is the best performer in wrestling today. He offers Styles his hand and says that if the situation was reversed last night, Dreamer would have done the same thing to him. Styles begins putting over Dreamer and the original ECW. Styles then said that if Dreamer was ECW and Dreamer wants to show him respect, Styles doesn’t need his endorsement and Fortune attacks Dreamer. Brian Kendrick hit the ring and was laid out as well as he tried to protect Dreamer. Security hit the ring and Styles told Dreamer that if he wants his damn truce, now he can have it. Fortune walked off.

*Brian Kendrick took the mic and challenged anyone from Fortune to fight him right now. Matt Morgan took him up on the offer for an impromptu match….

*Brian Kendrick pinned Matt Morgan. Morgan demands the match be started over and struck from the record books but Kendrick doesn’t return.

*Backstage, Abyss is torturing and branding people backstage with a branding iron. He screams “10/10/10? over and over.

*Generation Me come out and cut a promo saying the TNA Tag Team championships are supposed to be defended every 30 days but after what they did to Alex Shelley, there’s no way that will happen. They demand Chris Sabin come out and hand them the tag team belts. Sabin hits the ring and attacks them but is overwhelmed and laid out.

*Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy is a long match. Ken Anderson comes out to do commentary. Brian Hebner is bumped accidentally so Earl Hebner comes out to referee. Brian eventually recovers and there is a double pin. The referees argue over who won, so they watch an instant replay and there’s no clear cut winner. Bischoff announces the Three-Way match for Bound for Glory. Angle and Hardy hug.





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  • joemoefoe

    thats just awesome haha

  • lawrence

    Tna is guna be better than wwe if they get the right ones in


    they might if dixie carter gets her f***ing face off screen i’m not interested in the dixie carter show with wrestlers kissing her ass, and thank god this wasn’t the case for this episode

  • Mark Calaway

    Any one has any idea who ‘THEY’ can be? I mean what Abyss is telling all the time?

  • lawrence

    I think it maybe wc 2.0 turning heel on tbd

  • Chirs

    TNA’s website says it doesn’t return until Sept. 16

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