Raven Rants On Wrestlers Deaths and More

Raven posted the following on his blog at theraveneffect.com:

I would like to point out a few of my current wrestling pet peeves. It could be written more clearly and concisely but I dont have much time before I have to go out of town but I wanted to get them off my chest.

A) Chairshots to the head should only be banned if you dont know how to throw one properly. A suplex can be deadly in the wrong hands. If you throw a chair shot correctly, or know how to bump so the chair shot only grazes you hard enough to make a noise, they are fine. It is idiots who swing for the fences or morons who dont bump with them that should be banned.

B) I guarantee you that more concussions are had by wrestlers from endless nonsensical high spots that the sheets promote as making a better match than chair shots to the head.

C) I guarantee you that more concussions are had by wrestlers from working strong style that the sheets promote as making a better match than chair shots to the head.

D) Dreamer’s kids have been actresses since about 2 years old. They know what acting is. They were introduced to Tommy’s friend Scotty (thats me) before the match and told that is was all acting. After the show, all bloody, I went up and talked to the girls to see if they were ok. They were laughing and said they had a great time. They thought the whole thing was a blast. Huh? But how could that be? Dont they have to be traumatized? Ever think that each case is a little different and should be treated as such. How bout giving Tommy credit for being a wonderful father who would never harm his little girls for the world and made sure they knew exactly what would happen ahead of time, and if he for an instant thought it would be problematic, he would have left that spot out completely.

E) Get some [email protected]#king facts before you disparage shit.

For example 1): One of the guys they put over for looking good and cleaning up was the only person [email protected]#ked up out of his gourd which was obvious to anyone watching a Tv except them.

For example 2): For years the sheets would always say, how come so and so always happens to have the right pair of keys to open the handcuffs when they would be handcuffed allowing them to escape at the most fortuitous moments? What they didnt know, nor decided to look into was that all [email protected]#king handcuff keys are the same. Yet they spent years dogging any and all matches when someone would happen to have keys to escape. The sheets arent always right. They thought Sean Waltman early in his career was one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Same with Sabu. A couple years later, when both actually became the incredible workers the sheets thought they had been (which both Sean and Sabu will tell you, they werent nearly as good as they became and the sheets were wrong), the sheets are shitting on both for not being as good as they used to be because they didnt have the kind of matches the sheets wanted, non stop action without a story. In Hollywood, movies with non stop action and no stories are called crap. The sheets are quite often wrong, and there is a word for people who follow them without thinking for themselves, it is sheep.

F) The sheets crapped on the former ECW guys who werent in shape, but decry when wrestlers used steroids. Make up your mind. Benoit who until he became a double murderer was the biggest steroid user in the business and without steroids he never would have had a career, yet he was never buried for it. Other guys were. Dont you love people who pick and choose their favorites when condemning society.

G) Finally to all the sheet writers, if you were really as strongly convicted about stopping all the deaths in wrestling, you’d stop watching wrestling and supporting such a horrible business, you’d stop making money off it, you would try and get your readers to stop watching, and you would fight for what you claim to believe in, like getting us health care or what not. But no, you prefer to sit in your ivory tower decrying every death, then writing all about it waiting for the next death and continue to line your pocketbooks like the carpetbaggers you are. Which makes you pompous, holier than thou assholes.




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  • Ken

    Quote the Raven Nevermore.

  • terry elliott

    Well said! Raven

  • NICK

    who’s raven

  • TombstoneCharlie

    Scott Levy, he was also wrestled under the names Scotty the Body and Johnny Polo over the years.

  • the walls

    Very well put. Richard ‘the hack’ gray and james ‘tubby’ caldwell should take note.

  • j

    Point Very well made….


    well said raven and tottaly agree with you ecdub rocks

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