Matt Hardy Posts Strange Message On Twitter, Luna Vachon Update

— Matt Hardy posted the following on Twitter: “As u know, I’m extremely passionate about my job–I give everything I have every time I’m in the ring. It’s frustrating when its not enough. . . Gotta state this, I’m sick and tired of being `hurt,’ being misused, & not being shown the respect that I’ve earned–something has to change.”

— Funeral services for Luna Vachon will take place at Andre the Giant’s North Carolina ranch, according to Andre’s ashes were scattered there 17 years ago and Luna’s ashes will be scattered at the same place. Andre was Luna’s godfather and the two were extremely close. There’s still no word on when the scattering is taking place, but Luna’s funeral services have been taking place over the past few days.




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  • Rob Angle

    I just dont understand why doesn’t matt join tna and reform hardy boyz there,we miss hardy boyz so much….

  • ThaKing

    @Rob Angle yeah that could happen but they would have to change the name due to bullshit copyright infringement

  • lawrence

    Yeah that would be so cool

  • SPowerUp 5000

    Weather u hate or Like TNA u have 2 wish them success 4 things like this. Certain stars in WWE never get a push. Matt has put in work 4 a long time and Vince andthe writers give him the lamest storylines and booking. Some wrestling benefited from going 2 WWE (R Truth,Gail Kim) I guess u can say .. But Christian, Matt Morgan ,Mr. Kennedy,The Pope were given better pushes in TNA ….We need TNA and WWE 2 do well so wrestlers have a choice where 2 work

  • HatchetmanHardy

    I think Matt Hardy would benifit more in TNA. But i don’t think him and jeff would make the tagteam thing a long term thing. I think they both enjoy their single careers more. but it would b cool 2 c Matt as TNA X-division champion and Jeff as TNA world champion!!!!!! I think Chavo Guererro should move over 2 TNA more than anybody though. It is an absolute tragedy what they have been doing with him over in WWE!!!

  • j

    As for the copyright infringement issue that someone mentioned.. Im fairly certain no company can copyright somebodys REAL name.. However if this is an issue its simple.. The WWE often uses the name ‘The Hardy Boyz’ with a ‘Z’ if thats whats copyrighted then just change the ‘Z’ to ‘S’…
    For the record i think Matt Hardy is either screwing with his twitter fans or just generally bitchin about things. I doubt very much and would be surprised if he did leave WWE anytime soon..

  • themike

    WWE will keep shitn on matt hardy till he’ll quit just like all the others who are now in TNA


    matt is really a good in ring performer and should join tna immediately to end his
    carrer on high note.

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