Jericho Comments On His Main Event Status and NXT Stars Huge Pushes

Chris Jericho spoke to the UK’s Daily Star about his band Fozzy’s upcoming UK tour. During the interview, he says his spot in WWE is safe no matter what and he’ll always be valued as a top worker for the company. “I’m not one of those people who worries about my position,” Jericho said. “I’m never going to lose my spot. I could work the opening match every night and still be a star.”

Jericho also commented on the young talent getting pushed in WWE. “It’s just the way it is – most of the guys in WWE are young guys and green,” he said. “It’s not like it used to be. I spent nine years going all round the place perfecting my craft – now it’s nine months. The brilliant thing about the Nexus angle is that we’re taking seven guys who have not done a thing and thrown them into the hottest angle they may ever be involved in. You’ve got to take what you have and work with it.”




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  • ecw original

    dude i bealive that fortune is a ripoff of nexus i

  • HatchetmanHardy

    OH HELL FUCKIN NO!!! U ain’t even comparing Nexus 2 Fortune let alone saying they r a rip off of them!!! Fortune (not including matt morgan and douglas williams) R 4 of the greatest performers while Nexus is 5 or 6 of the luckiest pieces of boring pathetic shit that ever got chances in the wwe!!! Dude i’m sorry 2 have 2 say this but u know absolutely nothing! just keep your fuckin mouth shut from now on!!!

  • know your role

    Actually, both are wrong. fortune is a flimsy copy of the 4 horseman and nexus is what the wcw/ecw invasion should have been. kind of pathetic t hat flair is the best performer in fortune since they’re supposed to be elevating the rest of the group. flair should just manage them like he did with evolution. wasn’t till orton left the group that they had flair wrestle more. nexus needs to add to their stable. maybe have tryouts from this past nxt rookies to join.

  • ecw original

    im just saing that both of the story lines are kind of the same they are ataking the first thing they see i mean they should stop the war between fourtune and ev 2.0 because they brought ecw to tna beacause they are desperate of a new thing but to make fourtune that has beer money kasarian and the fenomenal aj styles some of the most loved ones in tna history become heal is just wrong
    now nexus need to get that dude the giant guy in nxt season 2 to unite to them know your role i am with you tey need to make rick face ant the rest of fourtune face not including matt morgan and douglas williams they suck and i said it wrong in my first coment.
    but one thing tna needs to stop doing is sending superstars to AAA because they just get injured and then they need another superstar

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