Jeff Hardy Due In Court This Week

Jeff Hardy will return to court this Thursday, September 9th. He will report to The Superior Court of Moore County in Carthage, North Carolina, and faces the following charges from almost a year ago:

– Felony possession of cocaine.
– Felony drug trafficking of opium.
– Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug (two counts).
– Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution.
– Possession of drug paraphernalia.




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  • Kurt

    I hope they start the freaking trial already. No more delays. Just go to jail already. He.s not gonna be able to avoid doing time.

  • Kryptonite

    cm punk is the one who told the cops cops to search jeffs house,that litte straight-edge bitch

  • lawrence

    Jeff don’t deserve 2 go 2 jail

  • PowerUp 5000

    Jeff Hardy aka The Charasmatic Enigma aka Mr. Puff Puff Pass …lol

  • ecw original

    kriptonite you are just dumb as dirt arent ya he was cauth no one turned him in

  • the ROCK

    Jeff is washed up!

  • Anonymous

    That kryptonite is an imposter. (seshitler) The original kryptonite had to change identity because wrestlescoop does not protect user id.s.

  • Nazi killer

    Yeah. Shitler’s got the IQ of a watermelon

  • nick

    Wow not only is that faggot shitfuck a bitch but he has to hide behind someones user names, wow shitfuck i thought you were better than us but your retarted ass just keeps playing these fuking games KEEP YOUR MOTHERFUCKING MOUTH SHUT YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. You do know you just exposed yourself to being a pussy ass, fakeass hell, fucking rat that you are. Stay the fuck out of wrestlescoop you CM Punk cock sucker.

  • HatchetmanHardy

    jeff is FAR from washedup! Jeff is a normal human being who has fucked up in his life like WE ALL HAVE!!!!!! No CM Punk nor anybody else turned him in. Jeff is a real man and if he has 2 do time he will accept that and do what he needs 2 do. I myself will always and 4 ever b 1 of hardy’s Creatures of the night and I will always believe in and stand by Jeff Hardy!!!

  • Kurt

    I.m not saying that i want pg or anything but i do think that pro wrestlers need to set an example for the kids that look up to them. They should be treated as role models like pro basketball or football athletes. I know TNA needs big names for ratings but they took the good with the bad when they brought him back. I don.t think Jeff Hardy is going to get away from all those charges free. He just needs to face the music and go to trial. No more delays. Hopefully a little time to think in the slammer will wake him up because this isn.t the first time his drug abuse has affected his proffesion.

  • Angelo

    “who has fucked up in his life like WE ALL HAVE!!!!!!”

    I agree, but most of us don’t do it with crimes/drugs whatever.
    I’m sorry for Jeff and his fans and family, but imho jail is the only logical solution.

  • themike

    Most of u ppl postn comments needs xtreme therapy and to learn how to conduct yourselfs.

  • paul g

    yea yall a bunch of fucktards geta fuckn life fuckn losers

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