Big Main Event and More on Next Week’s RAW

– Next week’s WWE Monday Night RAW will be a RAW Roulette edition from the US Bank Arena in Cincinnatti, Ohio.

The main event for next week’s show will be John Cena vs. Randy Orton.

WWE is promoting next Monday night’s RAW as the “season premiere.”

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  • j

    So next weeks RAW is a Raw Roulette special..
    Ordinarily that might be a decent main event. But with the ‘spin the wheel’ stipulation, they’ll probably turn it into a blindfold match or some kinda bullshit they come up with.

  • Ken

    This Mystery GM crap is getting old too

  • ecw original

    you know i just hope that they make it a hard core or something with weapons
    and yes ken the bull shit of a gm that they got is an a** hole no ofence anderson

  • richard

    i agree the mystery gm thing is really stupid and if i had to guess who the gm was id say it was either triple h or possably shawn michaels or the rock if you ask me the laptop gm gimic is stupid and needs to be dropped asap along with vicnasty guereo sorry for my spelling but those are my thoughts tna still sucks as well

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