TNA Impact To Go Live In October, Surprise Planned

TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced on her Twitter account Thursday that iMPACT will be held live on Thursday, October 7.

“TNA iMPACT is going LIVE on 10/7. Remember my tweet about how TNA is going to change forever? Stay tuned,” Carter wrote.

Carter did not indicate whether iMPACT will be live on a permanent basis. She also did not say where the event will be held. iMPACT television tapings are currently listed to take place Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout the rest of the year.

Regarding her previous remark in regards to TNA ‘changing forever’, Carter wrote on June 11, “It’s 6:30 a.m. Been up for hours. So excited I can’t sleep. TNA’s about to change forever. Can’t wait to share it w/you, my staff, the talent.”




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  • Lou

    Oh great another TNA surprise. Who is it this time? The Honk Tonk Man? Marc Mero? Carlito? If it’s not the firing of Bischoff and Hogan coupled with the hiring of Paul Heyman it won’t make a bit of difference. Not saying WWE is great but it sure beats the absolute garbage TNA puts out now

  • lawrence

    Tna is gettin better.. wwe is going crap the only good things in wwe are orton. Hornswoggle. Morrison. Mvp . Swagger . And cena

  • PowerUp 5000

    If U watch TNA its actually Getting better . WWE is honestly becoming complacent in maintaining a PG image for Linda MacManon in the Senate..TNA needs 2 stop inviting the old ECW wrestling and just promote theere originals

  • Horseman420

    Has TNA ever promised a “surprise” that actually was delivered? How many more broken-down has-beens are they looking to put to work?? How many “name” wrestlers are still around? This company has stuggled to find something that works and all the teases on websites and Twitter and all that other BS just don’t. Ya wanna surprise the fans? DON’T ADVERTISE THAT THERE IS A SURPRISE!!!

  • ThaKing

    look at the dick riders i mean world wrestling(wack)entertainment marks if any of you say that their better than total nonstop wresting you are little kids who does not know nothing about wrestling and your family is retarded or you are grown ups i mean grown pussies who probably were pissing on your selves back in the attitude era with all that stuff they did then that’s why you don’t like TNA [email protected] you messed up when you named hornswoggle so if anybody wants to talk shit and be some fake no nothing about wrestling mark hoes lets start some shit i dare you hoes(wwe marks) to reply back.

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