Hart Family Member Enters WWE Sponsored Rehab, SmackDown Diva Upset

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– Teddy Hart, the youngest wrestler to be signed to a WWE contract, recently entered a Texas area rehabilitation center on behalf of his former employer. He is staying at the same facility as former WWE performer Scott Hall.

Hart is claiming that he entered rehab at the urging of his uncle, WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who said that if he successfully completes the center’s program, would persuade WWE to give him another shot.

During his last run with AAA, Hart managed to unite the entire locker room against him due to his reputation of changing match finishes and spots to put himself over. His mentality is to perform as many flashy maneuvers in his matches as possible, whether they make sense or not.

– WWE Women’s Champion Layla is apparently through with Twitter for the time being as she wrote over the weekend that she ‘needs a break from some of the bs’ on the social networking site.

She tweeted, “I think I’m officially off Twitter I need a break from some of the bs on here Tired of some I****S!! Having easy access 2 Me Much luv Lay.”

The tweet came just hours after her response to recent jabs from TNA Wrestling performers “The Beautiful People” made its way onto a number of wrestling websites. There is an unconfirmed rumor going around saying that WWE brass caught wind of the “war of words” and became upset with Layla for taking part.




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  • ThaKing

    WWE are just home for bitches who don’t care at all with the exception of some but Vince McMahon i promise if i could i would sneak him in the jar i hope someone does or actually everybody that has fucked up shit in wrestling but mainly world wrestling entertainment needs to get fired(unlikely)and hit quite possibly creative team to be exact.

  • erik

    I wish wwe (not going to happen) would just end wwe divas divison and all divas can be valets for wrestlers like 1994-1997 because 95 percent divas can’t wrestle and untill wwe gets more divas with indy background that can wrestle and wwe uses right than this scrap the divison.

  • NICK

    what are you guys talking about??????????????????????

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