Steve Austin Reacts To CM Punk RAW Segment

Steve Austin posted the following on Twitter about being called out on RAW on Monday:

“Got a lot of reports of CM Punk using my ring music and calling me out…I enjoy his work and wish him the best. Go get em kid.”




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  • Bracey

    Damn right Punk is tremendous!

  • Rob Angle

    Yes,punk got the skill but the s.e.s. Idea is not good.neither his present looks……i think he was better as a face…..although he captured world title 2 times being a heel……

  • tami

    u know, i just think, stone cold needs to come back, and take the job of general manager, in the flesh!

  • m and m

    S.E.S as agroup is a joke. low profile as agroup. luke gallows, serena, and mercury has no charisma. It would be better for cm punk to go solo or better yet, join the nexus.

  • Tony Whiting

    The Bald Pepsi GI Joe Steve Perry kiddo with his bald posse and a low self esteem and his lousy storylines!

  • lawrence

    Rob he also won the title as a face when he cashed it in against edge

  • JESSE75946

    LOL I though he’s gonna kill Punk

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