John Cena Talks About Jersey Shore on Late Night

– In an interview promoting the “feel good” WWE Films project “Legendary” on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” popular WWE Superstar John Cena put over MTV’s “Jersey Shore” as one of his guilty pleasures.

The reality show came up as a discussion topic following a recurring, “Jersey Shore”-themed Fallon bit, in which he “fist pumps” to a generic house beat played by “Late Night” band The Roots. After Cena congratulated Fallon on making it to three hundred episodes, the band set the beat to chants of “300.” Fallon then congratulated Cena in the wake of WWE’s 900th episode of RAW, at which point, The Roots saluted WWE with the “900? beat treatment.

The two then entered into a discussion about the show, which included a mention of how The Situation’s exaggerated facial expressions portray him as an onlooker watching the show from the outside, rather than as an actual member of the eight person cast. Talk turned to the cast members’ fitness for pro wrestling, at which point, Cena declared that the MTV reality stars would definitely be at home in the world of WWE.

Fallon specifically pointed to Ronnie as someone who could potentially get involved in the ring; Cena joked about Ronnie’s punching power, quoting “one punch, bro, one punch, bro” in reference to an infamous moment on the show in which Ronnie celebrated knocking someone out with a single shot.