Good News for JR, Update on the Future of WWE NXT and More

– In what has to be great news for WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross, longtime Oklahoma Sooners football commentator Bob Barry announced on Tuesday that he is retiring. Ross said in various interviews over the years that calling Oklahoma football has been a lifelong dream of his, so this could be his chance to fill that position.

– World Wrestling Entertainment is expected to rush through the current season of NXT with the final episode airing on October 1 just before the premiere of Friday Night SmackDown on Syfy. The third season of NXT will feature five episodes.

While company officials adore NXT and have vowed it will continue, they have been unable to land a new home for the show. With that being said, there was a discussion this past week of moving the show to WGN America. Vince McMahon said that ideally, they would keep both NXT and WWE Superstars.

– In regards to Sheamus’ eleven second win over Zack Ryder on last week’s RAW being the shortest WWE Championship Match in history, it is not. It is believed that the shortest WWE Championship Match in history was Diesel’s victory over Bob Backlund on November 26, 1994, which lasted eight seconds. The shortest WWE match in history is believed to be The Rock defeating Big Bossman in four seconds at the 1998 Survivor Series.




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  • K Law

    I remember Diesel beating Bob for the WWE title! Didn’t think Diesel would be a WWE Champion before Shawn Michaels. And The Rock was on his way to becoming big that night at Survivor Series… Classic memories…

  • wetewtfewtg

    if nxt moves to wgn i will never watch wwe and tell my friends not too either nd the same thing goes for triple h returning back soon he better come back

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