GCF Impact Raw – September 1, 2010

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Impact Raws opening music and video ends and we are sold out here in the Key Arena in Seattle, Washington. We go to the announce table with Michael Cole and Tazz. “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to Impact Raw, I am here with my partner Tazz, and how about our main event for Domination? Samoa Joe against the Rated R Superstar Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship, it is sure to be a great match!”  “Yeah Cole, two of my favorite wrestlers going head to head for the biggest prize of them all!”  “Remember Tazz, last week Edge promised to host The Cutting Edge against whoever won the cage match last week, a match Samoa Joe barely won.” Replays are shown of last weeks Samoa Joe-Kurt Angle cage match. Joe had to jump through the ropes out the door and after the referees viewed some replays, ruled that Joe had beaten Angle to the outside. “That was such an awesome match Tazz, and we have a great night ahead of us tonight! Besides Joe on The Cutting Edge, we continue the X-Division tournament and the tag team tournament. Also, Jeff Jarrett and Eric Bischoff will announce their plans for another championship match!”  “Its gonna be awesome Cole, but right now lets start our first match of the night, an X Division Tournament match!”

X Division Tournament Round One
Evan Bourne vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

Bashir’s music hits and the fans boo very loud. Bashir does not care about the fans as he just is focused on regaining his X Division Title. Evan Bourne’s music then comes on and the fans begin to cheer their heads off. Bourne already has plenty of momentum after beating Rey Mysterio and Homicide two weeks ago, and now he is in this X Division Tournament! Bourne hops in the ring and both men engage in an intense stare down. The bell rings, and both men run at each other to start. Bourne and Bashir stop in the middle of the ring and get right in each others faces. Bashir slaps Bourne across the face, and locks in a headlock. Bourne quickly gets out of it by Irish Whipping Bashir. When Bashir comes back, Bourne hops over Bashir and when Bashir comes back again, Bourne spins around and dropkicks Bashir to the ground. Bourne backs up and runs back to the down Bashir and hits a standing moonsault! Bourne goes for the pin, One, Two, kick out! Bourne kicks Bashir until Bashir manages to make it to his feet and rolls to the outside. Bourne sees his opportunity and runs to the ropes. Bourne jumps over to ropes and flips over, but Bashir moves out of the way! Bourne slams to the ground and hits his back on the thin padding! Bashir gets to his feet and picks Bourne up. Bashir slams Bourne right into the steel steps. Bourne falls down to the ground but Bashir picks him up quickly and throws him in the ring. Bashir gets into the ring and hops up to the top rope, then dives down for a great looking elbow drop onto Bourne. Bashir covers, One, Two, kick out by Bourne! Bashir picks Bourne up and slams him for a quick snap suplex!  Instead of going for the pin, Bashir heads up to the top rope. When Bourne stands up, Bashir nails a missile dropkick. Bashir now goes for a pin, One, Two, kick out at two. Bashir slowly stands and picks up Bourne. Bashir kicks Bourne’s knee and goes for a WMD, but Bourne kicks Bashir with his other foot. Bashir is stunned, as Bourne works off pure adrenaline and hurracarranas Bashir into the turnbuckle. When Bashir turns around, Bourne jumps up and knees Bashir in the face, which finally brings Bashir down. Bourne quickly jumps up to the top rope, stands, and jumps for a Shooting Star Press! Bourne connects with his finishing move on Bashir, One, Two, and Three!!

Winner-Evan Bourne

“Bourne moves on in the tournament, Tazz! What a great match to kick off Impact Raw here tonight!”  “You got that right Cole, a great match between both men, with Bourne picking up the win out of no where.” Bourne celebrates in the ring, while Bashir lies in the middle of the ring. Bourne celebrates, but from behind, it’s Sheamus! Bourne turns around right into a Brogue Kick! Sheamus isn’t down yet, as he picks Bourne up and slams him down for the Celtic Cross! Sheamus taunts in the ring after destroying Bourne, but then turns his attention to Bashir. Sheamus lifts Bashir up and just like Bourne, slams him down for a Celtic Cross! Sheamus does his signature pose after destroying the already beaten down Bashir and Bourne, and then leaves the ring. Homicide slowly comes down the ramp, and cautiously walks by Sheamus. Homicide gets into the ring and looks down at Bourne, who is now his next opponent in the X Division Tournament. Homicide locks in his signature modified STF on Bourne, who is already half unconscious. Bourne tries to fight out of it, but he is too weak from the match and from the attack by Sheamus. Homicide has it locked in tight as Bourne loses consciousness. Referees and Medics run down to the ring, and try to pull Homicide off of Bourne. Homicide locks the submission in as tight as he can, before finally releasing the hold. Homicide laughs and leaves the ring and heads backstage as referees and medics check on Bourne and Bashir. “Tazz that was a despicable act by both Sheamus and Homicide. Sheamus just randomly attacks Bourne and Bashir after their very tiring, then Homicide comes out and locks in that STF that makes Bourne pass out.”  “I understand it perfectly Cole. Sheamus wasn’t around last week, and this week he wanted to make another statement to prove that he really is the biggest threat in GCF, and Homicide did it to weaken his future X Division Tournament opponent, possibly take him out. Great moves by both Homicide and Sheamus.”  Before either commentator’s can say any more, we cut backstage to Co-GM Eric Bischoff’s office.
Eric is just ending a conversation on the phone when the cameras get into his office. “Yeah Jeff, we will be fine. Take your time getting here, I can handle it. Okay, Okay, Goodbye.”  We hear a knock on the door, and Bischoff tells them to come in. Chris Jericho and Christian make their way into the office. Christian is checking out some pictures on the wall, but Jericho gets right to the point. “Listen Eric, after what happened last week to Sabu and Tommy Dreamer, and now with an opening in the tag team tournament, I was thinking maybe you could give that spot to my friend Christian and I.”  “Chris, you expect me to give Dreamer and Sabu’s spot in the tag tournament, a spot that you caused when you brutally attacked them last week,  to an inexperienced tag team of you and Christian?” Christian now gets in the conversation. “Mr. Bischoff, Jericho has shown me the light. He showed me that I don’t need these crummy fans, they were holding me back. Chris and I are top two superstars in the world, and as a team, we automatically become the best tag team in the world. We are just asking you for a chance to prove it.”  Eric looks down and lets out a big sigh, “Fine, you two can have the spot. Next week, it will be you two taking on, the Hart Dynasty!” Jericho and Christian smile and both exit the office.
“So now Tazz, Christian and Jericho, the same two guys who took out Dreamer and Sabu, are rewarded by taking their spots? I don’t get that at all.”  “Well Cole, that’s why you’re not the general manager. Now we all know that I am a big on my ECW roots, but Christian and Jericho wanted something and they took it. You have to respect that.”  “Tazz, don’t you think that’s disrespectful to the heritage of ECW?”  “Not really Cole, in ECW, everyone was clawing for a chance at gold and would do anything to get it, that’s what Jericho and Christian did.”  “Whatever you say Tazz, I still think it is wrong”  Woah! You’ll be smoking mirrors!

Dashing Cody Rhodes vs. R-Truth

Dashing Cody Rhodes makes his entrance to a lot of heat from the crowd. Rhodes is too focused on himself in the mirror to notice any of the fans. Rhodes walks up the ramp looking cocky as ever and slides into the ring. Rhodes points to his dashing face and the fans boo louder than before. Truth then comes out with a mic in hand and aw always, sings his own entrance music with the crowd. The fans are cheering and yelling “What’s up?!” as Truth dances down the ramp. Rhodes doesn’t look impressed, as Truth walks up the stairs. Truth stands in the middle of the ring and says “Seattle, Washington……. What’s up?” Before the fans can answer, Rhodes attacks Truth from behind. The bell rings, but Rhode is already on the attack, as he punches and kicks Truth while truth lies there defenseless. Rhodes backs off and runs against the ropes, then jumps for a knee and hits it on Truth. Rhodes quickly locks in a heel hold on Truth, which causes Truth to try to scramble to the ropes. Truth can’t get there as Rhodes pulls him away. Rhodes locks in the heel hold even tighter as Truth is feeling all of the pain. Rhodes releases the heel hold, stands up, and pounds Truth’s heel even more. Rhodes jumps up and lands right on top of Truth’s heel, causing Truth to scream in pain. Rhodes quickly locks in another heel hold as he is focusing all of his attention on the heel. Truth’s heel is hurting terribly as Rhodes won’t let up. Truth begins to crawl to the ropes, but Rhodes still is applying pressure to the heel. Right before Truth can grab the rope; Rhodes releases the hold and begins to stomp on Truths heel again, before Truth rolls to the corner. Rhodes runs at Truth, but Truth kicks Rhodes in the gut! Truth limps over to Rhodes and quickly lifts him up for a suplex stunner! The suplex stunner sends Rhodes bouncing into the corner, slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Both men are down, as Truth tries to use the ropes to stand up. Rhodes begins to stand up as well using the corner ropes. Both men stand at the same time and Truth limps over to the corner where Rhodes is still groggy. Truth jumps to the corner and body splashes Rhodes. Truth kicks Rhodes in the corner with his good foot. Truth then backs off of Rhodes allowing Rhodes to stand. When Rhodes stands, Truth slaps him hard across the face. Rhodes can’t believe anyone would slap his Dashing face as he looks very stunned and confused after the slap. Truth runs against the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Rhodes ducks underneath it, and lifts Truth up for an Atomic Drop that crushes Truth’s legs. Rhodes takes full advantage by picking Truth up, spinning him around, and puts him in Cross Rhodes position. Rhodes stares at the crowd with a Dashing smile on his face, and then executes a picture perfect Cross Rhodes. Rhodes was going to go for the pin, but instead kicks Truth’s injured heel more before finally going for the first pin of the match, One, Two, and Three!

Winner-Dashing Cody Rhodes

 “Rhodes picks up the win Cole, and in my opinion, he dominated the whole match.”  “I wish he wouldn’t have attacked him before the match, but still, Rhodes did dominate most of the match, and it was definitely an impressive showing by Dashing Cody Rhodes. Rhodes slowly walks up the ramp with a smile on his face. Truth stands and rolls out of the ring holding his heel. Truth limps to the back, but the fans still cheer the beloved rapping superstar. Truth turns around and yells “What’s up” one more time before leaving the arena. We go back to the interview area with Todd Grisham.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, former X Division Champion, Douglas Williams. Douglas, how do you feel going into a match with a former World Champion in Rey Mysterio knowing that you must win to advance in the X Division Tournament?”  “Todd, I am not worried about some little man in Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is just like all of these other X Division wrestlers; they jump around and hit high risk moves. That’s not wrestling. I am what wrestling is really about, that’s why I was the X Division champion in TNA before GCF was around, and I was dominate. I will show you tonight against Rey Mysterio why I was the dominate champion that I was. Wrestling beat High Flying anytime, and you will see that later when I advance in this tournament, eventually winning back my X Division title!” Williams walks away, and we head back to the arena where the ring crew is setting up for The Cutting Edge. “Well here we go Tazz, The Cutting Edge with special guest Samoa Joe. These two men will face off at Domination for the World Heavyweight Title.”  “Yeah Cole, that match will definitely be a classic, and now these two men will go face to face right now!” You think you know me!
Edge walks out slowly, while the fans give him the loudest cheers of the night as the fans love the Rated R Superstar. Edge gets in the ring and grabs a mic as the fans continue to cheer their heads off. Edge doesn’t speak, embracing in the fans, before he finally begins to speak. “Two weeks ago, I defeated Christian and Chris Jericho in a triple threat match to get the chance to compete for the World Title at Domination. My opponent, Samoa Joe, took a little longer than me, but he still managed to defeat Kurt Angle to also get the chance to compete for the World title, but there is one problem. The problem is that Joe has to face me, The Rated R Superstar. Now let me be the first to say that Samoa Joe is a great wrestler, but I am the best. At Domination, I will win the World Heavyweight Title, with a spear……spear……spear!!” The fans scream spear as loud as they can, but Edge isn’t finished talking. “With that, I would like to welcome my guest here on The Cutting Edge, The Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. Edge turns his attention to the titantron, waiting for Joe. No one comes out at first, but then Kurt Angle’s music hits as Edge looks confused. The fans chant You Suck, as Angle comes down to the ring in a hurry and he looks really angry. Angle gets in the ring and gets right in Edge’s face before grabbing a mic. “You wanted to talk to the number one contender, Edge here I am, because I won last week. I was cheated out of my win because management is threatened by me. If you want to see your opponent, you’re looking right at him.”  “Kurt, you lost, get over it. You weren’t good enough, it was a close ending, but in the end, Joe won. I am facing Joe at Domination for the World Title. So why don’t you just scurry away, and go shine your medal.” Before things get any more heated, Samoa Joe’s music begins and the fans immediately cheer. Joe jogs down to the ring and gets nose to nose to Angle. Joe looks like he is about to kill Angle before Edge starts to speak. “Wow, wow, wow, Joe hang on. Is Kurt really worth the risk of hurting yourself? I want our match a Domination to be top notch, I don’t you to be injured or have any excuses when I beat you.” Joe’s attention moves away from Angle and now begins to stare at Edge. Edge stares right back, and it looks like they are about to brawl, but the music of Co-GM Jeff Jarrett hits and he has a mic in his hand. Jarrett stays on the ramp, and begins to talk. “You know, all three of you guys are great superstars, so I think it makes sense if I have one match tonight featuring all of you. So tonight, it will be Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe against Edge and a partner of his choice!”  Joe and Angle look at each other in disgust, as Edge has a big smile on his face. Edge leaves the ring, while Joe and Angle stare at each other knowing that later tonight they will be forced to team up. Joe leaves and Angle quietly follows, as the ring crew begins to clean up The Cutting Edge set.
We now go back to the commentary table where Tazz and Michael Cole are talking about what just happened. “Wow, Tazz. That was an intense encounter, and now, all of these men will meet in the ring later in a tag match. Two bitter enemies in Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe will be forced to team up against Edge and a partner of his choice.”  “Cole that is made to be an explosive match, and I am so pumped up for that!”  Booyaka, Booyaka, 619!

X Division Tournament Round One
Rey Mysterio vs. Douglas Williams

The fans show all their love for Mysterio as the Latino Legend walks down to the ring. When Douglas Williams’s entrance theme begins, those cheers become boos and Williams seems a little displeased about this. Williams shakes it off though and gets into the ring before staring Mysterio down. The bell rings and Mysterio looks like he is going to use his speed to his advantage in this one as he moves around and slides underneath Williams’s legs. Mysterio dropkicks Williams into the turnbuckle, then when Williams turns around, Mysterio hurracarranas him into a 619 position. Rey runs against the ropes looking for a 619! It looks like Mysterio might hit it, but Williams’s slides out of the ring. Instead of stopping though, Mysterio hops right over the top rope and tries to land on Williams, but Williams catches Mysterio and powerslams him down to the outside mat! Mysterio screams at the stunning impact of the reversal, while Williams stands and taunts the fans after almost breaking their masked icon in half. Williams lifts Mysterio up, only to throw him into the barricade. Williams laughs, and he drags Mysterio over to the corner. Williams lifts Mysterio’s head up and slams it into the corner. Williams quickly scurries back into the ring as the referee is at a 6 count. The referee continues counting, while Rey lies on the outside, but at 9, Rey gets to his feet and jumps into the ring. Williams looks impressed, but now he stalks Mysterio while Rey tries to stand using the corner ropes. When Rey gets to his feet, Williams runs up going for his famous Chaos Theory, but Rey hold onto the corner ropes. Williams rolls through, and when he gets back to his feet, Rey hops up to the top rope and hits a moonsault out of no where on Williams! Both men lay there for a second before Mysterio gets to his feet. Mysterio walks over to Williams, but Williams was playing possum and rolls Mysterio up. Mysterio rolls through though, and dropkicks Williams’s right on the chin! Rey hops on Williams for a pin, One, Two, kick out. Rey slides off of Williams, and gets to his feet, but when he does, Williams trips Rey down and hops up. Williams looks like he is going to try to hook in a Figure Four, but Rey kicks Williams into the corner. Rey runs at Williams, but Williams’s moves out of the way, causing Rey to slam into the corner turnbuckle. Williams takes advantage and gets to the second rope and hooks Rey’s head going for a tornado DDT. Williams struggles with Mysterio, but eventually is able to connect with the devastating DDT.  Williams quickly crawls to the cover, One, Two, kick out! Williams screams out his frustration. Williams lifts Mysterio up, only for Rey to fight back and punch Williams in the jaw. Mysterio keeps on punching Williams until Williams turns his back on Rey. Mysterio dropkicks Williams right into the second rope and Williams is set up for the 619 again. Rey runs against the ropes and connects with the 619! Williams falls back and uses the ropes to stand, while Mysterio waits. Rey jumps at Williams for a seated senton, but Williams ducks underneath it, and Mysterio lands hard on the mat. Williams takes advantage and grabs Mysterio’s back and executes a Chaos Theory! Williams has the pin, One, Two, Mysterio kicks out of it, then flips over Williams and Mysterio now has a bridge pin on Williams, One, Two, and Three! Rey wins out of no where!

Winner-Rey Mysterio

Williams is shocked as Rey quickly gets out of the ring and jogs up the ramp. The fans are going nuts! Just when they thought Rey was done, he turns it into a pin of his own on Williams! “Amazing Cole, did you see that coming? I sure didn’t!”  “A very shocking ending to this match Tazz, but no matter as Rey Mysterio moves on in the X Division Tournament!”  Williams’s storms up the ramp, yelling at himself and the fans. “Well hey Cole, I am receiving word that after that great match, Eric Bischoff has ordered that the tag team tournament match of The Motor City Machineguns versus the Uso’s will happen right now!” Right then the Uso’s music hits and we are starting this match now!

Tag Team Tournament Round One
Motor City Machineguns vs. The Uso’s w/ Tamina

The Uso’s get some heat from the crowd, but not much. When the Guns come storming out though, the fans freak out as the very athletic Guns make their way down the ramp. Both men get into the ring and discuss who will go in first. Alex Shelley decides to go in first, while Jey Uso will go in for the Uso’s. The bell rings and Jey and Shelley lock up. Jey gets the advantage and locks in a headlock. Shelley reverses by Irish Whipping Uso and dropkicking him when he comes back. Shelley tags in Sabin as Uso gets to his knees, and the Guns hit a double super kick on Jey! Sabin also runs over and kicks Jimmy off the side, allowing Shelley to jump thru the ropes and land right on Jimmy. When Sabin turns around though, he is clocked by a clothesline from Jey. Jey gets on top of Sabin and punches him in the face. The ref pulls him away, so Jey goes for a cover, One, kick out at one. Jimmy and Shelley continue to fight outside the ring, while Jey picks Sabin up and throws him against the ropes. When Sabin comes back, Jey throws him on his shoulders and Samoan drops him to the mat. Jey looks to end this now as he heads to the top rope looking for his signature splash. When he gets to the top rope, Shelley notices and manages to push Jey off the turnbuckle back down to the ground. When Shelley gets back to the outside, Jimmy runs right at him, but Shelley reverses with a drop toehold that slams Jimmy’s face off the side of the ring. Sabin stands and baseball slides Jimmy while he stunned from the drop toehold by Shelley. Jimmy is sent back down to the arena floor, but in the ring Sabin picks up Jey and puts him in position for a Cradle Shock. Shelley heads to the top rope and together they pull off the Air Raid (Sabin holds an opponent in a fireman’s carry while Shelley hits a diving double foot stomp onto the prone opponent followed by Sabin hitting a Cradle Shock onto Shelley’s knees.)! Sabin gets the cover while Shelley watches Jimmy, One, Two, Three!

Winners- Motor City Machineguns

“What a win for the Guns Cole. Now we get to see Team 3D vs. The Guns in the next round of the tournament!”  “It is definitely going to be a great match”  “The Guns put on an amazing showing here tonight, just like Team 3D did last week. I can guarantee though that next weeks match will be a lot longer.” The camera goes back stage where Eric Bischoff and Jeff Jarrett are in their office, each holding a microphone. “Hello GCF fans, I am Co-GM Jeff Jarrett and I have a very important announcement! Next week, right here on GCF, we will crown our very first Champion! The Television Title is a championship designed to be defended on National Television, and next week, you will see the crowning of the first Television Champion.” Eric cuts into Jeff’s conversation, “Jeff and I have decided that each of us will choose a superstar and they will face off for the title next week. With my pick, I chose a man that has destroyed everyone in his path ever since GCF started. I have chosen, The Blueprint Matt Morgan to be my superstar competing for the gold next week.”  “Yeah that’s great Eric, I will reveal my pick next week, and I am sure you will be shocked at my pick.” We go back to the arena where we see that Matt Morgan is in the ring smiling as he already made his entrance for his next match

Matt Morgan vs. Slam Master J

Slam Master J makes his way to a very silent crowd. There are some cheers from the fans, but not many. J gets in the ring and starts warming up while Morgan stands there not intimidated. The bell rings and J goes at Morgan but Morgan knocks him down with a clothesline. Morgan picks J up and runs against the ropes and then *BAM* Carbon Footprint by Morgan already to J. Morgan laughs very obnoxiously before picking J back up and executing a Hellevator on the defenseless J, One, Two, Three.

Winner-Matt Morgan

After the match, Morgan isn’t done with J. Morgan throws J out of the ring, and then slides out himself. Morgan grabs J’s hair and pulls him up before putting him in a suplex position. Morgan drops him down for another Hellevator on to the outside mat. J just lays there and looks unconscious. Morgan drags J to the ring corner and picks his head up and positions his head against the steel ring post. Morgan backs up, and hits a Carbon Footprint on J that causes J to bleed from the side of the head that bounced off the ring post. Morgan laughs and walks out of the arena, while Jesse lies there with a crimson mask.  “What an absolutely disgusting move by Morgan, he already won! There was no need for that at all!”  “Well I guess hearing the news of his Championship match next week fired him up. He just wanted to use all of his energy that’s all.” “I am not going to argue with you Tazz. I know that was wrong anyway you put it.” Jesse is being carted off in a stretcher, and we go backstage as we see Edge walking down the hallway heading to the ring for his match against the team of Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, and that match is up next!

Edge and ? vs. Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle

Angle makes his entrance to the you suck chants as always. Angle jumps in the ring and says a few words to the referee before getting into his corner. Samoa Joe’s music hits and the fans cheer and chant “Joe!” as Samoa Joe rushes into the ring. When he gets there, he gets right up in Angles face and screams, “Don’t Mess this up!” before backing off and warming up for the match. You think you know me! Edge gets a huge ovation, even bigger than earlier in the night. Edge high fives a lot of the fans before stopping right out side the ring. Edge points to the titantron and we wait to see who his partner will be. Get ready to fly! I am! I am! It’s AJ Styles! AJ is Edge’s partner! “What a great choice for a partner Tazz. AJ has history with both of these men and it should add a lot of fuel to the fire. Edge and Style’s get into the ring and talk about who will go in first, while it seems Angle already made the decision that Joe will go in first. Styles goes in first and the bell rings. Styles and Joe stay in their corner for a second before they begin to walk towards each other. It looks they are about to lock up, but Angle gets in the ring and lifts Joe up for an Angle Slam! Angle hits an Angle Slam on his own partner. AJ chases Angle out of the ring and Edge chases Angle up the ramp. Angle runs backstage, while Edge goes back to the ring. Joe is laid out in the ring, and AJ goes for the cover, One, Two, No! Angle’s betrayal doesn’t work and AJ just smiles. AJ gets on the ring apron, and flips over going for a 450 Splash but Joe puts his knees up just in time, which causes AJ to land right on them. AJ lies in the ring stunned while Joe begins to stand. When Joe stands he walks over to AJ and grabs him in a German suplex position. Joe lifts AJ up from the ground and back down again with a German suplex. Joe releases the grapple, causing Styles to roll out of the ring. Joe follows and grabs Styles and suplexes him on the outside. Joe throws AJ into the ring and heads up to the top rope. Joe jumps off the top rope and splashes Styles, almost crushing him. Joe goes for a cover, One, Two, No. AJ kicks out at two. Joe pounds his hands against the ground, but doesn’t waste anymore time as he lifts Styles up in a fireman’s carry position, but Style slithers out of it and ends up behind Joe. When Joe turns around, Styles nails a perfect pele kick that sends Joe bouncing against the ropes. When Joe comes back, Styles quickly enziguris Joe and that finally send the big man Joe down. Style’s takes advantage and gets to the ring apron again. Joe is already to his knees, so Styles patiently waits for Joe to stand. When he does, Styles jumps and hits a flying forearm on Joe! Styles covers, One, Two, No! Style is shocked as he yells at the referee, arguing about the two count. Styles looks to drag Joe over to Edge in the corner, but mid way there, Joe grabs Styles Ankle and pulls Styles into a rear naked Choke! Style tries to fight out of it, but Joe has it in good! Styles rolls himself and Joe over so Styles can get to the ropes and he does, but Joe won’t release the hold. Referee begins to count, One, Two, Three, Four, Joe releases the hold just before the count of five. Joe stands up as Style’s looks like he is out cold. Joe starts to pull Styles up, but he sees Kurt Angle running back up the ramp. Joe gets ready to fight Angle, and is shouting at him to bring it on. Angle yells back, but doesn’t get in the ring. Joe isn’t paying attention, and doesn’t notice that Styles has made the hot tag to Edge. Joe turns around before Edge can enter the ring and runs over and knocks Edge off the apron onto the outside floor. Joe throws Styles into a corner, and puts him in Muscle Buster position before dropping him down! Remember though, Edge is the legal man and Joe doesn’t know that. When goes to cover Styles, the referee tell him Styles isn’t legal. Joe looks confused and stands to talk to the referee, only to be speared by Edge out of nowhere! Edge goes for the pin, One, Two, Three!!!

Winners- Edge and AJ Styles!

“What a great way for Edge to pick up momentum for Domination, Cole!”  “Yeah a great match Tazz, but you have to give credit to Joe for pretty much wrestling a handicap match.”  “Oh yeah, I definitely give him credit for that, that’s my man Joe.”  “Haha Yep Tazz, that’s your guy. Well anyway thank you for being here on Impact Raw! We will see you next week right here in GCF!” The last shot is of Angle laughing at Joe while Edge celebrates in the ring.




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