Backstage Report on John Cena, NXT Divas on Twitter

– All six NXT Rookie Divas can be found on Twitter:

* AJ Lee: @RookieAJ
* Maxine: @MaxineWWE
* Aksana: @AksanaWWE
* Jamie Keyes: @JamieKeyes
* Aloisia: @AloisiaWWE
* Naomi Night: @NaomiWWE

– Vince McMahon noted in a recent interview with the Boston Herald that he held a talent meeting a few years ago urging his performers to “reach for the brass ring” regardless of whom they have to step over. He particularly recalled John Cena approaching him at the end of the meeting to say, ‘I’m your man.’

The interview caught the attention of an anonymous wrestler who attended the meeting. He said there were actually five wrestlers who came over to McMahon following the meeting to say they were the right man for the job.

“The only difference is that Cena did his ’stepping over guys’ in the locker room more than the ring,” said the wrestler.

The anonymous wrestler feels McMahon was looking for a “backstabbing asshole/stooge” to serve as his top WWE Superstar.

“It has zero to do with in-ring talent,” the wrestler said. “Cena stepped on guys like the Spirit Squad and others who were only there for less than six months.”

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  • TombstoneCharlie

    Spirit Squad? I wonder if the anonymous wrestler was Dolph Ziggler….

  • erik

    It was i am guessing dave batista imo. cena i hoe rips both of his acls so wwe can go back to tv14 free speech cena is cancer of wwe and is reason wwe is losing money and ppv buyrates and ticket sales are at a low since 2009.

  • smokey

    Erick your sounding like a bitch if you dont like it then stop fucking watching it.

  • K Law

    I agree with Smokey….

    Fact of the matter is, I can’t picture anyone from the Spirit Squad doing what John Cena had, have, and is doing right now. Batista wouldn’t complain seeing how he was place in one of the best stables in professional wrestling known as Evolution. That was his rise to frame… Riding Triple H’s and Ric Flair’s dicks… All that is, is business. Just like in the corporate world. You won’t make it nowhere playing soft.

  • erik

    @smoking no smoking i was just asuming who is was. okay i haven’t watch it for 5 weeks for you information. if you enjoy lame guest hosts smokie what stupid name btw and midgets knock yourself off jackass because i will stick to ufc what real men watch.

  • smokey

    Dude, can’t your ass spell idk what the fuck you were saying. Well next dont come in here sounding like a bitch fucking cry baby, while your ass is watching a bunch off guys grabing there dicks ima be watching the divas grabing there tits you little faget.

  • khriz

    u all sound mad gay!!!!!!!! u dont like dont watch!!!!!! it really is that easy!!!!!

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