Rookies and Pros for WWE’s All-Divas Season of NXT on SyFy

– Below is the official line-up of Rookies and Pros for season 3 of WWE NXT on SyFy. Season 3 will premiere next Tuesday night and will be all Divas, with the exception of Goldust and Primo.

* Kelly Kelly and Naomi Night, current FCW Divas Champion. Formerly known as Trinity McCray, she used to dance for the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

* Alicia Fox and Maxine, formerly known as Liviana.

* Goldust and Aksana, a professional bodybuilder, model and actress from Lithuania.

* The Bella Twins and Jamie Keyes. Jamie has been acting as the WWE NXT announcer and is a model from the Florida area.

* Primo Colon and AJ Lee, current Queen of FCW. WWE officials have been high on AJ for some time now. She has been working on the indies since 2007.

* Vickie Guerrero and Aloisia. Aloisia is 6 foot 9 inches and is formerly known as Isis The Amazon.

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  • Bob

    Vickie Guerrero and Aloisia. Aloisia is 6 foot 9 inches

    Omg, great combination xD

  • Kryptonite

    I hope most of them have good wrestling skill or this could be a long terrible season for nxt. Happy for primo. Hard for him to find work these days.

  • erik

    @lryptonite as you can see all of them except 6ft 9 girl have cheerleading model backgrounds so they can’t wrestle and they will be useless bimbos like kelly and belllas could wwe just kill the divison already i mean if i wanted to watch sexy chicks i would watch amercians next top model. I mean no wonder wwe divas are a joke and not taken serious.

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