Ring Rust Review: Raw 900

***************Raw Spoilers*******************

Hello welcome to Ring Rust Review, today let’s focus on the 900th episode of Raw.  As WWE programming has hammered into its viewers there has not been a shown on the air with more episodes, excluding news shows and soap operas.  I remember the day Raw debut I also remember being disappointed that Prime Time Wrestling was taken off the air, even though the Bobby The Brain and Gorilla format was changed it was still the staple of Monday Nights. While PTW was missed Raw turned out to be a trendsetting show so I guess it worked out for the best. The only show that has come close is Gunsmoke which ended in 1975 with 633 episodes and just in case you’re wondering Smackdown is around 575. You would think with such a milestone they would have another three hour “supershow” or at least more guests from the past.  To be fair they did show clips from previous shows but you figure with 900 episodes they wouldn’t show the same clips over and over again, yes the beer bath scene was memorable but I’ve seen it during the 800th anniversary and 700th anniversary and so on.  Of course I did not understand why they showed clips from earlier in the year, I know they want to destroy our memory of the past but I think everyone who is currently watching the show remembers what happen two months ago, anyway on to the highlights.

Bret Hart/Undertaker/Kane promo

I like the new twist they are putting on the Kane/Undertaker feud that being said I do not understand why this need to put Bret in matches then find the lamest excuses to get him out of it. One would think Bret would not like to be remembered like this, either do something good or just leave.

Match #1 Triple Team Tag Match: Kofi/McGillicutty versus Miz/Riley versus Kaval/Bryan

This is one of those matches that I wish lasted longer; Miz and Riley make a good pairing. The internet dream team of Kaval/Bryan also looked very good together and can see them facing the Hart Dynasty down the line. Miz picks up the win as only he can, and also continues his feud with Daniel Bryan. The Miz has improved 10x over from last year however someone has to lose MITB at some point I have a feeling it’ s going to be Miz.

Match #2 Melina/Eve versus Layla/McCool

The only thing we get out of this is that Night of Champions we will finally get rid of that stupid looking Divas belt,  for that fact get rid of both until such time as someone gives a crap.

Chris Jericho Promo

Great promo by a great wrestler, I do not know if Night of Champions is the last time we see Chris if so he will be missed, if not then I smell a face turn for Y2J.

Match #3 Morrison/Truth versus Cody/Drew

What was the point of this? Nothing was gained by this match, these two teams have never even met to my knowledge, waste of our time and theirs.

Match #4 Undertaker versus Bret Hart

Wow what a shocker Bret didn’t wrestle, where did he go? Why is Nexus helping Kane or for that matter why didn’t Kane destroy Nexus, since you know he is evil. This again is more confusion that didn’t really do anything for either Nexus or the Taker/Kane feud.

Jack Swagger versus Evan Bourne

Another promising match that got sidetracked by the appearance of Alberto, I like how they are promoting this guy, like a Latin version of JBL. As much as I like his skills I hate the fact that yet again we are having someone pushed down our throats.  Kurt Angle Jr. and Evan should have been given more time to shine. What was the point of Mark Henry?

CM Punk/Big Show Promo

This was the best part of Raw followed by the JR plug by Jerry Lawler. Everyone on the roster should take a lesson from this promo, and there was a Katie Vick mention to boot.

Match #5  Sheamus/Cena/Edge/Jericho/Orton versus Nexus

This is the way Summer Slam should have ended, more believable match with Nexus looking good against an unorganized team WWE.  Both Cena and Orton got to look good with Edge and Jericho playing the heel part perfectly.

Thank you for reading until next time….let’s watch.