Note on Team 3D and WWE, Stats on John Cena’s Wins & Losses

– Regarding a Team 3D return to WWE, it’s said that the chances of them coming back are slim because a lot of people, mainly John Laurinaitis, do not like Brother Ray. Most people like Devon but not enough to bring Bubba in and deal with what they perceive to be all of his baggage. With that said, a return isn’t totally out of the question.

– John Cena’s six-man tag team victory at the RAW live event on August 28th was his 100th victory of the year, including all live event, TV, pay-per-view and dark matches. The Miz is second in total wins for the year with 79.

At the same time, Cena’s cage match loss at the RAW live event on August 29th to Sheamus was his first live event loss since July 3rd, 2008, where he was pinned by Triple H in Lima, Peru. Cena had a run of 787 days without a loss at a WWE live event.

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    It’s about time that Cena should lose!

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