Kaval Earns a WWE Championship Shot and Roster Spot

– Kaval, mentored by Michelle McCool and Layla, was announced as the winner of WWE’s NXT season 2 tonight on SyFy.

Alex Riley, mentored by The Miz, was the first one to be eliminated tonight and it came down to Michael McGillicutty, mentored by Kofi Kingston, and Kaval.

As noted before, season 3 of NXT will begin next Tuesday night and will feature all Diva Rookies.

Kaval has earned a shot at a WWE championship on a future pay-per-view event and a roster spot on either RAW or SmackDown.

As Kaval was giving his speech tonight, the previous Rookies who were eliminated before tonight rushed the ring and attacked Kaval. The Pros from this season came down and brawled with them. It turned into a NXT 2 Rookies vs. NXT 2 Pros with Kaval brawl. Riley and McGillicutty came back down to work over Kaval. The show ended with Riley, McGillicutty, Husky Harris, Titus O’Neil and Lucky Cannon beating Kaval down in the ring with their finishers.

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  • Hulkado

    Bring in those hot divas

  • Lou

    All Divas????? Those ratings should be in the toilet

  • y2jake

    those ratings will be in the sky!

  • joemoefoe

    i see migilicutty staying around forming a group called genesis with rhodes and harris haha mcgillz shouldv won anyway but he aint done, and for all those people who like to take jabs at ppl on the internet… dont hate its just my opinion


    I Actually see Alex Riley Stickin around,in my opinion i believe Riley Was The Odds On Favor to Win, and I think he should ve . Kaval He s got a nice finisher but i just don t think he deserved to win.And As For Steve Urkel’s Lil Brother , well y all already know wat i m gonna say cause lot ov u r thinkin da same thing! M V P Should have told him just how ignantly,geeky,retarded and above all, Embarrasing he truely look!

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