John Cena Says UFC Is Too “Over The Top”

WWE RAW star John Cena was interviewed this week by The Boston Globe and said despite its growing popularity, he’s not a fan of UFC and mixed martial arts. “It’s just not something that particularly interests me,’’ Cena said. “UFC is where boxing was years ago, and I was never really into boxing, either.’’

Cena says he prefers pro wrestling because it’s “regulated entertainment that’s safe for anyone to enjoy.’’

As for UFC … “It is what it is. It can be pretty over the top, and it’s not something I’d want my children to watch.’’

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  • WWF Fan

    Pussy . . . . . . .

    Dont let ur kids watch the news too . . . . to much violence.

  • erik

    cena why dont you shut the fuck up don’t you have to fitch vince coffe you useless piece of shit. I mean cena ufc is for teens and men who like the agressive and vicios side. so why don’t you go dance around in your homo bright ornang cena shirt noone is going to buy. ufc is kicking your ass and wwe will die sooner than later. Take your pg tur that son of bitch sideways and cena shove it straight of your candy ass. If you smell what rock is cooking you jabroni!

  • paul g

    damn get a life

  • WWF > WWE

    Clearly Cena could not fit in the Attitude Era, Cena is pure PG s**t.

  • erik

    cena needs to shut his mouth stay with is wwe which he has destroy and piss off enough real fans to switch to ufc or tna imo cena is joke. wwe is losing money millions of dollars ppv buyrates and tickets are down. so johhny cena is not doing anything for wwe. ufc is great it is real and mr. mchaon yes man cena doesn’t like it he can not watch it. tna and ufc are a great alternative for frustrated wwe fans that are sick of lame guest hosts cena terrible moves and mic skills and talentless hoes that wwe calls divas.;


    To Everyone who Got Something to Say bout John Cena, I Say Go Ahead Speak ya mind,but beware of wat comes after!

  • paul g

    drock go fuck your self quit suckn cenas nuts dumb fuck

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