Bad TNA Dark Match Last Week, Dixie Comments on Her Husband, More

– Jeff Hardy is celebrating his 33rd birthday today while Mickie James turns 31.

– The dark match at last week’s TNA iMPACT tapings with Shannon Moore & Christina Von Eerie vs. Okada & Cookie (Becky Bayless) was called by some “the worst dark match in history.”

It’s said that Bayless missed several blind tag attempts. Moore even stopped, pointed to her and yelled that he wanted Bayless to tag her partner Okada in. This caused lots of laughs backstage as well as some frustration over the decision to hire Bayless.

– Dixie Carter followed up on the storyline with her husband Serg where he was beat up by Fortune on iMPACT last week. She wrote on Twitter: “Thanks for asking about my husband. His ribs and neck are better but looks like his foot is broken.”

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  • Andrew

    As if theres such a thing as a good TNA match

  • erik

    @andrew your right note sarcaism those cena matches are so goo lmao i will say you being true wwe mark that you are will denied it. aj styles vs chris daniels for tna world title at tna turning point wqas great match aj styles and daniels had great matches over x divison title in 2004-2006 and world title in 2009. wwe divas there matches suck models that can’t wrestle.

  • Beer-Drinking-Wrestling-Fan

    T – N – A. Is the chant.
    TNA is an alternative to the WWE that is aimed at children / family’s. You choose what you like and enjoy it. For me TNA offers good wrestling while I can swig a beer and have a shout.
    No need to play off the two companies. Just enjoy what you like.
    Life’s too short to slag off them or those. Beside’s no one really gives an hoot.

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