What Jeff Jarrett Was Tweeting About, iMPACT and Reaction Ratings

– Last Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT on Spike TV scored a 1.07 cable rating with 1,443,000 viewers. TNA Reaction at 11pm scored an 0.68 rating with 915,000 viewers.

– You may remember Jeff Jarrett teasing something big on Twitter last month. What he was talking about is an appearance by his daughter Jaclyn in Taylor Swift’s music video for the “Mine” single. Jeff’s daughter filmed the spot a month ago and plays the role of a young Taylor Swift. Apparently Swift befriended the Jarrett family when Jeff’s wife Jill was going through her battle with breast cancer in 2007, which she unfortunately lost.

CMT did a world premiere special on the video last week that featured Jeff Jarrett, his three daughters (Jaclyn, Joslyn and Jeryn), as well as Kyra Angle, the daughter of Kurt and Karen Angle. While Jaclyn plays the young Swift in the video, Joslyn, Jeryn and Kyra all have appearances in the video.

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