TNA Star Does an Angle with a Celebrity, ‘Shore’ Coming to TNA Soon

– As seen on last week’s iMPACT, TNA aired a teaser for the “Shore” that will be “coming soon.” This was a teaser for the new Jersey Shore inspired characters, Robbie G and Cookie, played by Rob Eckos and Becky Bayless.

– Long-time wrestling fan and Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan took part in angle involving wrestlers from AAA at a Pumpkins concert in Mexico City last Thursday night. Apparently the footage was filmed by MTV.

AAA star Alex Koslov, who wrestled Alberto Del Rio on WWE SmackDown last Friday, came down to attack Corgan while he was onstage. Koslov, Decnis and TNA star Hernandez showed up to confront Corgan and demanded that they stop the concert. Corgan brushed them off so they attacked him. Hernandez was ready to Border Toss Corgan when Extreme Tiger, La Parka Jr. and El Mesias came out to make the save.

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    i was hoping it meant Pauly Shore :p

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