The Pope Teases Carlito in TNA?, TBP Reunion Does Big Rating

– The reunion of “The Beautiful People” on Thursday’s iMPACT scored the program’s highest rated segment with a 1.15. The next highest quarter-hour was the main event featuring Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, D’Angelo Dinero and Jeff Hardy against members of Fortune. It drew a 1.11.

– TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter announced this afternoon on Twitter the signing of a performer to a new talent contract. Shortly thereafter, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero commented the following on the social networking site: “Just heard the news. Now THAT….That’s Cool!”

Many of his followers believed he was alluding to Carlito, as that was the Puerto Rican star’s catchphrase during his time in WWE. D’Angelo noted in a follow-up message that his earlier tweet was purely coincidental and that he has no idea as to who was signed.

“Whoa! Just got the “News” of Pope’s earlier news. That was purely coincidental. For The Record, Pope has NO CLUE as to who was signed,” he added.





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  • j

    Yeah Bullshit, Popes tweet coincidental? Yeah right..
    But hey. If it is Carlito…. ‘Thats Cool’

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