Orton Pulled from Match Sunday, Fans Brawl Over Cena T-Shirt

– Randy Orton was dealing with a sore neck and shoulder following Saturday night’s RAW live event in Wildwood, New Jersey, where he faced Sheamus in a Lumberjack Match with Nexus. He was therefore placed in a Six-Man Tag Team Match at Sunday’s RAW live event in Newark, New Jersey so he could have a lighter workload.

The advertised main event was a Steel Cage Match between Orton and Sheamus, while John Cena was scheduled for a Six-Man Tag Team Match against Nexus. An angle was conducted at the beginning of the show where Sheamus attacked Cena and Nexus attacked Chris Jericho, leading Orton and Daniel Bryan to perform a run-in.

Orton sparingly wrestled during the match and did not perform the RKO. He did, however, strike Michael Tarver with a punt to the head in the aftermath of the bout.

Orton’s injury is not immediately being considered serious, but he will likely have it checked out today.

– A brawl broke out amongst fans at yesterday’s RAW live event in Newark, New Jersey over a T-shirt John Cena had thrown to the crowd just before his Steel Cage Match with Sheamus.

According to a fan who witnessed the incident, the melee lasted approximately 15 minutes before Prudential Center staff broken it up. The correspondent also noted that over 10 people were ejected from the arena and some children were hurt during the brawl.




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  • Kryptonite

    People are so stupid. I know a souvenir like that would be awesome but watch out for innocent children.

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