JR Blog: Wrestling Unions, Luna Vachon and More

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

“NO…there were never any official or unofficial ‘hat rules’ regarding my black hat as someone asked on Twitter. Austin wore my hat at WM25 in an impromptu moment which I felt was cool as hell. However, I don’t share my hat with fans who want to take their picture wearing it. I also don’t ask to borrow a stranger’s tooth brush.”

“A wrestling unions would not have solved the issues that many wrestlers have had over the years. Walk in clinics, shady doctors, hiring the wrong people, and a changing society in general would have prevailed in a battle with a wrestling union. What can be done to erase many of the perceived issues that have plagued pro wrestling in the past few generations?”

“I wish I had a fool proof answer but when dealing with human beings there are no guarantees or answers that are always right. I do endorse zero tolerance for all banned substances. I endorse on going , through education to teach wrestlers young and old alike about the evils of drug and alcohol abuse. I endorse recruiting as high a quality of a human being and world class athlete as is possible but that too is a gamble and provides no guarantee that those individuals will remain ‘issue free.'”

“Luna was without question the happiest when she was inside a pro wrestling ring. Like most people, Luna simply wanted validation and love and, as many have done in their lives, looked for those things occasionally in the wrong places. I think that most of us can say the same. When I saw Luna at CAC 3 years or so ago, she said that she was clean and sober and I never saw her have even a cold beer at the function. She was beaming to see so many of her old friends and I have to believe that event was one of the happiest days of her life. I’ve often wondered how well Luna would have done in MMA if it had been available and she had started on that path early in her career.”