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Recap Of Michael Benoit On ABC’s Nightline

Posted by Vegas Martin in WWE News
Friday, August 27th, 2010

Recap by Terri Bey of PWInsider

The subject of the show is about how brains in murderers may work.

Mike Benoit said Chris always wanted to be a wrestler. The show gives an overview of ’s career. Michael Benoit said the Benoit we saw in the ring was not the Benoit he knew. He said he knew Chris as a devoted dad. The show goes over the June 2007 murder/. The show reveals that Chris Benoit looked up the prophet Elijah on the internet.. One story from Elijah was about how a prophet could rise a child from the dead and lay him on his own bed. They reveal that Daniel was laying in his bed.

Michael Benoit then said he watched tv 24 hours a day waiting to hear someone say something nice about his son, and he said it wasn’t happening. He said the event was a nightmare.

Dr. Julian Bailes wanted to examine Chris’ brain, and he said that Chris Benoit’s brain had a neurobehavioral change much like the athletes’ brains Dr. Bailes studied. They went over Benoit’s being hit with chairs, ladders, etc. Michael said his son told him that he had so many concussions, he stopped counting.

The show talks about the media coverage of the case focusing on “roid rage.” Toxology reports revealed that Chris Benoit had steroids in his system. Dr. Bailes said since the murders happened over the course of three days, he didn’t think that roid rage which is a snap judgement/emotions. He didn’t think roid rage explained his behavior. Michael questioned the roid rage explanation, and wanted answers so he allowed his son’s brain for research.

Michael Benoit then talked about his son’s accomplishments and he said his son destroyed that image in three days.

When brain was examined, the examination revealed Benoit’s brain was extensively damaged. They talked about how Pittsburgh Steeler center Mike Webster was a shell of himself when he retired. Webster died homeless. Webster’s brain was examined. They talk about a condition called CTE, which the doctor wants to call “Mike Webster’s Disease.” Dr. Bailes said Webster’s and Benoit’s brains were similarly damaged.

Michael Benoit said the research gave him a good understanding of what happened to his son. He still gets emotional hearing that his son’s brain was heavily damaged. He said he thought that is why Chris suffered from insomnia, mood swings, and drank heavily right before the tragedy happened. He said Chris was going downhill. He said Chris had become an extremely religious person who could quote Bible Scriptures and that is not how Chris was. Dr. Bailes said in some cases a person with this sort of brain damage can develop a religiosity and he thinks it is very likely the case with Chris Benoit

Michael Benoit feels that if his son had not become a professional wrestler, Chris would still be alive.

The show revealed that WWE has questioned these medical findings and said that Michael Benoit’s claim that head trauma cause his son’s behaviour is impossible and said if Benoit had brain damage, he would not have been able to perform as a wrestler.

Michael Benoit , in response to those who say his son’s brain damage is an excuse said, “What’s their excuse?” and reiterated that his son’s choice of profession was the reason his son committed the tragedy.

2 Responses to Recap Of Michael Benoit On ABC’s Nightline:

  1. Kryptonite

    Date: Aug 27, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    Every time i hear of this tragedy i feel so angry and sad. There will never be a good explanation. Nothing can make this story any better. I think Michael Benoit is just another victim in this case. He just wants some closure that he may never find. Another similar case that makes me mad is the Steve McNair murder.

  2. warrior

    Date: Aug 30, 2010 at 9:31 am

    fuck chris benoit he is a coward hearted bich i hope he rots in the depps of hell for what he did to his child and wife

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