Unrest Within TNA, RVD’s TNA Contract, New Star Coming In?

– TNA has contacted the AAA promotion in Mexico about sending former Mexican National Heavyweight Champion Zorro to the United States as a regular roster member in a tag team with Hernandez. If Zorro does come into TNA, he will be using a different name.

– There is a lot of unrest within TNA these days as several top stars are against officials still pushing the EV 2.0 group. A number of top stars were against the original idea of bringing in the former ECW stars and giving them Hardcore Justice.

– Word on Rob Van Dam’s TNA status is that he originally signed a contract for 75 dates and anything over 75 dates is around $10,000 per appearance. Van Dam has already worked 60 dates for TNA and they don’t want him to go over 75 in 2010.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • K Law

    $10,000 is chump change to WWE… Why doesn’t Hogan shell out some of his fortunes for RVD to keep appearing…

  • Tommy McBroome

    probably because Hogan’s ex wife has most of that fortune

  • PowerUp 5000

    Yeah Hogan, need 2 make that money to give 2 the exwife and fund his non singing can’t sing daughters career..LOL …RVD is paid. Way 2 much , I mean seriously “The Whole. F’N show ” is turning 2 the” Whole Funded show”…..TNA is gonna end up inthe next yr loosing some of there best talent to WWE, TNA seems desperate 4 attention . There Impact shows are awesome and better than WWE..But this Ecw phase is a bad move, just like the epic fail and embrassment of getting they butt kicked attempting 2 do MONDAY nights and then wentback 2 Thursdays because ratings were awful ….This is why the Hogan era was a embrassment and Dixie Carter writing checks will be WWE’spay off as TNA orignals get fed up with her and go 2 WWE

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