WWE NXT Results – August 24th

WWE NXT on the Syfy Network
Taped from Fresno, Calif.

[Q1] Highlights of last week’s double elimination was aired. Percy Watson and Husky Harris were both let go from the show. Cody Rhodes was not happy with Harris’ elimination and started a brawl by kicking Kaval in the gut…

The opening video aired and fireworks were used for the first time in weeks. Michael Cole and Josh Mathews checked in on commentary. Jamie Keyes introduced the WWE Pros. They took a seat on the stage. Keyes then introduced the three remaining rookies.

Matt Striker congratulated the three on making it this far. He asked each guy to tell everyone how it feels to make it to the final three. Hmmm, “Great Matt.” seems to be a logical answer. Michael McGillicutty said he had the greatest job in the world and was glad to perform in the same ring as his father.

Alex Riley said he expected to be in the finals. He called himself the total package. I know he doesn’t want to be compared to Lex Luger in any way, except for the stupid amount of money companies kept paying him. Riley called out Sheamus.

Kaval thanked the WWE Universe and said Cody Rhodes ruined the experience for him last week by attacking him. They began some back and forth. Kaval said Cody made it to the company because of his dad.

Kaval challenged Rhodes and Rhodes said no. MVP stood up and was about to call Rhodes a bitch, but Rhodes stopped him. MVP challenged Rhodes since they were both WWE Pros and to “shut everyone up,” Rhodes said yes…

Striker said a WWE trivia contest would be up next… [C]

[Q2] The worst game show music ever brought us back from break. It was like game show porn. Here are the rules. Round one questions are worth 100 points. Round two questions are worth 200 points. I think that’s simple enough.

The first question was, “Who competed in the ironman match at WrestleMania 12?” Sadly, nobody knew this for awhile and McGillicutty had to guess the Bret Hart part of the question. McGillicutty and Kaval answered all of the round one questions.

The questions were “more difficult” in round two, but they were still easy. Riley said he didn’t care about having zero points. “Looks like the varsity villain spent more time on the field than in the classroom.” Thanks for that Kaval. Kaval won the contest. Kaval won a feature on WWE.com…

Cody Rhodes vs. MVP was hyped… [C]

[Q3] The Raw Rebound aired. Sheamus beat Zack Ryder in ten seconds. That set up the six pack challenge announcement for Night of Champions…

Another MVP vs. Cody Rhodes hype graphic was shown. Great segment… [C]

Cody’s entrance music. Best part of the show thus far. MVP’s entrance is the most disappointing given how great he was as a heel. He did get pyro though, on NXT. Okay…

1. Cody Rhodes defeated MVP in 23:58. MVP worked on the shoulder of Rhodes and scored a nearfall after a suplex and float over into a cover. MVP closelined Cody to the floor. He then slingshot himself into a high cross body on Cody… [C]

[Q4] Cody was in control coming back from the break. MVP came back though and scored a nearfall with a closeline. Cole and Mathews argued about wrestling websites. Cole said “wrestling dirt sheets” are always wrong.

The match just became back and forth with no extended selling of anything. Many, many nearfalls but none of them were believable. Cody locked in a crossface and the show went to commercial again… [C]

Rhodes hit a huge dropkick coming out of the break for a two count. Cody locked a leg scissors around MVP’s head. MVP stood up and hit an electric chair. Two more nearfalls.

[Overrun] Both men fought to the top rope. Cody hit a superplex and MVP was still able to kick out. Cody locked in a modified surfboard into a neckbreaker submission. MVP fought out, hit a closeline, and both men were down.

MVP hit the ballin’ elbow. He went for the play of the day, but Cody hit an Alabama slam. Cody then hit Cross Rhodes and scored the clean pinfall victory…

Source: prowrestling.net