GCF Impact Raw – August 25, 2010

Hey guys, what a show last week on the first ever Impact Raw! I want to thank everyone who read this, and like I said last week, If you have any ideas or anything like that, email me at [email protected]! Alright let’s get going on week two of GCF!

The Impact Raw opening video is over and we get a camera shot of the sold out Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida! “Hello GCF fans and welcome to Impact Raw! I am Michael Cole, and I am here with my partner Tazz, and we should have a very interesting night ahead of us.”  “You are right Michael, Impact Raw general manager Eric Bischoff is going to address what happened last week between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle.”  “We saw Edge defeat Chris Jericho and Christian, which means he will be main eventing Domination, but Tazz, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle fought to a double count out.”  “ Yeah, but Cole, my man Joe beat the living daylights out of Angle after the match.” Replays of last week are shown on the titantron, Joe hit a Muscle Buster on Joe through the announce table. “That’s what I am talking about Cole. That’s what I taught him!”  “Tazz, we will talk more about that later, for now, we get to see the Viper, Randy Orton in action against the Orton wannabes.”

Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett and Jay Lethal

Wade Barrett makes his entrance to plenty of heat from the crowd. He slowly makes his way to the ring, embracing in the boos from the crowd. Barrett finally gets into the ring, and gets into his corner, ready to take on Orton.  Jay Lethals music hits to plenty of cheers in the crowd. Lethal makes his way to the ring and high fives many of the fans behind the barricade. He jumps up the ring steps, gets in the ring, and gives a dirty look to Barrett. Lethal walks over to Barrett just to say a game plan against the veteran Orton. Orton’s music then comes on and the fans go crazy! Randy Orton gets an amazing reaction from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He gets in the ring and gets to the second rope in the corner and does his signature pose as the fans eat it up. Orton gets down and looks at his two opponents. The bell rings and Barrett pushes Lethal forward to start off against Orton. Lethal goes right at Orton, but Orton hits an uppercut that sends Lethal down. Orton picks Lethal up and Irish whips him into the ropes. When Lethal comes back, he is hit with a powerslam by Orton! Barrett runs at Orton, but misses a clothesline and Orton grabs his neck and nails his signature backbreaker! Orton is on fire and pounds his fists on the mat as Lethal and Barrett make their way up. Orton goes for an RKO on Barrett, but Barrett throws him down to the mat. Lethal regains himself and starts kicking Orton and so does Barrett. Orton rolls into the corner, as Barrett and Lethal get in the opposite corner to discuss what they want to do. Lethal runs at Orton, but Orton puts his foot up. Barrett runs at Orton but Orton moves out of the way. Orton quickly Irish whips Lethal into the corner onto Barrett! Orton runs into the corner onto both men. They both fall to the ground, but Barrett rolls to the outside of the ring. Lethal slowly makes his way up and is greeted with a backbreaker by Orton. Lethal is down as Orton pounds his fists to the ground. When Lethal finally stands, RKO! A picture perfect RKO executed by Randy Orton onto Jay Lethal. Orton was about to go for a cover, but Barrett pulls Lethal to the outside of the ring. Barrett starts to yell at Lethal before Barrett Irish whips him into the steel stairs! Lethal is hurt bad as Barrett picks him up and puts him in a fireman’s carry position, and then slams him down to the mat. Barrett hits his finishing move on Lethal onto the thin pads outside. Lethal is really hurt and Barrett throws him back in to the ring, as Orton stares Barrett right into the eyes. Barrett starts to leave the arena and heads up the ramp. Orton covers Lethal, one, two, three.

Winner-Randy Orton

 “Wow Tazz, Wade Barrett not only walks out on his own partner, but attacks him before he leaves.”  “I don’t know Cole, Barrett doesn’t like Orton or Lethal, so he wanted to let both of them know that he doesn’t appreciate them, and I can respect that.”  Orton celebrates in the ring, but from behind we see Barrett running back up the ramp! Barrett attacks Orton from behind! He beats Orton down, and chokes Orton with his boot. Barrett goes to the outside and grabs a chair. He gets back in the ring, and hits Orton right in the back with a chair! Orton is in a lot of pain now as Barrett laughs. Orton tries to get up, but Barrett punches him right in the face, proving why he is one of the best bare knuckle fighters. Orton looks like he is out cold as Barrett throws his chair down in the middle of the ring. He grabs Orton and picks him up onto his shoulders and slams him down onto the chair! Wade Barrett hits his finishing move on Orton, onto the chair! Orton grabs his back and yells in pain. Barrett smiles, leaves the ring, and heads up the ramp. “Tazz, Barrett attacks Orton from behind, but why?”  “The more and more I see Wade Barrett, the more I like him, Cole. He is the future of GCF and I love it!” Orton is helped the back along with Lethal.
Eric Bischoff’s music hits as the Impact Raw GM gets into the ring with a mic in hand. Before he can say a word though, you hear a familiar voice saying “Hey Eric, Eric!”  Mr. McMahon is on the titantron and it looks like he has some news. “Yes Mr. McMahon?” “You see Eric, here in GCF, everyone needs to earn their spot, and they need to earn their place in this business. Eric, you didn’t really do anything to earn the role of Impact Raw GM. So, I have decided that at Domination, you will have a match. A match that will determine the Impact Raw GM. Until then, you will be sharing the role of GM, with your opponent. Here he is, the new Co-GM of GCF Impact Raw!” The camera shows Eric as he has a nervous look on his face. The camera then goes to show the titantron as we anxiously wait to see who it could be. All of the sudden, we hear the music of Jeff Jarrett and we now know who the Co-GM is! Double J makes his way into the ring as Bischoff looks very irritated. Jarrett gets into the ring and grabs a mic.  “Let me first say that I am very happy to be here in GCF, and I am happy to be the Co-GM of this show.  Eric, you took all of my power away from me when you cam to TNA, and at Domination, I’m gonna take all of it back, and become the sole General Manager of GCF. That’s later though Eric, because for now, we have some pressing issues that we need to discuss.”  “Well Jeff, before I was so rudely interrupted and told of this corrupt decision, I was going to say my ruling on last weeks double countout. Tonight, in the main event, it will be Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, in a No Disqualification match!”  “I like that Eric, I really do, but I will see your no dq match and raise you. How about tonight we have Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, in a Steel Cage!”  “Okay Jeff, have it your way. A Steel Cage match between Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle with the winner going to Domination to face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship!” “I also have another announcement. Tonight we will begin a tournament for the X-Division Championship! This will be a 12 man tournament, and at Domination, the three finalists will compete for the title, in an Ultimate X match! The first match will happen right now!” Bischoff looks shocked as Jarrett begins to leave the ring. Eric chases after him asking him questions about what exactly is going on. I am Perfection!

X Division Tournament Round One
Dolph Ziggler vs. Brian Kendrick

Ziggler makes his way to the ring to a few boos but surprisingly many cheers. Ziggler shakes off the confusion and enters the ring. Kendrick makes his way out to a mixed reaction from fans. He enters the ring with a serious look on his face as he wants to be the first GCF X Division champion. Both men are in their corners as the bell rings, and we start this match! Ziggler and Kendrick run at each other and lock up. Ziggler pushes Kendrick into the corner, and hits a running elbow onto Kendrick in the corner. Kendrick falls to a sitting position in the corner, and Ziggler kicks Kendrick in the corner and chokes him with his boot until the ref pushes him away. Ziggler breaks away from the ref and hits Kendrick with a boot right to the face. Ziggler pulls Kendrick away and goes for a pin on Kendrick, One, Two, kick out at two. Ziggler quickly puts Kendrick in an interesting submission hold, a headlock with one arm hooked. “A nice submission by Ziggler, Cole, he is applying pressure to the head and the arm.” Ziggler is putting a ton of pressure on the head and neck, as Kendrick is defenseless. Kendrick starts to regain himself and kicks Ziggler in the head until Ziggler lets go of the hold. Ziggler gets pushed into the ropes, and Kendrick runs at him and hurracarranas Ziggler to the outside. Kendrick sits in the ring and regains himself. Kendrick then flips over the ropes right onto Ziggler! Kendrick picks Ziggler up and throws him in the ring. Kendrick heads up to the top rope, and when Ziggler gets up, Kendrick jumps across the ring and lands on him for a big cross body, One, Two, No! Ziggler rolls through the pin and gets a pin attempt of his own, One, Two, No! Kendrick rolls through, but instead of going for a pin attempt, he locks in a Cobra Clutch! Ziggler tries to fight it, but Kendrick has it locked in tight! Ziggler is about to pass out, but somehow grabs the ropes and Kendrick is forced to break it. Ziggler rolls to the corner as Kendrick yells at the ref. Kendrick goes towards Ziggler, but Ziggler trips Kendrick with a drop toe hold right into the ropes. Kendrick is stunned, and Ziggler locks in a Sleeper Hold in the middle of the ring! Kendrick knows the deadliness of this hold so he fights very hard to get out of it. Kendrick manages to get to the corner, and he jumps up the turnbuckle, and hits a Sliced Bread No. 2! Ziggler had the sleeper hold locked in, but Kendrick got out of it with his Sliced Bread No. 2! Ziggler is down in the middle of the ring, but Kendrick is almost passed out in the corner from the sleeper. Both men are down, and the ref begins his count. At seven, both men use the ropes to stand up. Both men are back up, as Kendrick dropkicks Ziggler into the corner. Kendrick runs over to the corner and sets Ziggler up for a Sliced Bread, but when Kendrick up the turnbuckle, Ziggler pushes Kendrick off of him and with Kendrick right in front of the corner and Ziggler behind him, a Zig Zag! Ziggler hits a Zig Zag on Kendrick! Ziggler covers Kendrick, One, Two, Kendrick’s foot is on the rope! Ziggler can’t believe it! He argues with the ref, and then pulls Kendrick to the middle of the ring and goes for another cover, One, Two, Kick out at two by Kendrick! Ziggler looks extremely frustrated and measures for another Zig Zag, but when Kendrick gets up, he flips Ziggler over and goes for a bridge pin, One, Two, No! Ziggler is on his knees and Kendrick hits a dropkick. Kendrick drags Ziggler over in front of the corner and goes to the top rope. He gets in position for a moonsault, but Ziggler hits the ropes, causing Kendrick to lose his balance on the top rope. Ziggler pounces up and hits a Zig Zag from the top rope! Ziggler pulls Kendrick away from the ropes and goes for a cover, One, Two, Three!!

Winner-Dolph Ziggler

“Wow Tazz, what a great match from both of these competitors, with the Zig Zag from the top rope onto Kendrick to end the match”  “Yeah Cole, Ziggler has all the qualities to be a great X Division Champion, and he proves it with this awesome match.” “We still have two more X Division matches tonight, and I am pumped!” Ziggler celebrates up the ramp as Kendrick lays motionless in the ring. “Tazz, I am receiving word that Todd Grisham is in the back with an interview.” 
“Thank you guys, Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, Samoa Joe. Joe, last week, you attacked Kurt Angle and almost ended his career, we know you and Angle have a lot of history with each other, but last week we saw a more aggressive Samoa Joe than ever before, and now tonight you face Angle again in a steel cage match. What do you have to say?”  “Todd, I have had a lot of history with Kurt Angle. I have never hated someone so much in my life, but I never really expressed all of my hate until last week, but that was only a little glimpse of what I will do to him tonight in the steel cage. Tonight, I will not only become the Number One contender, but I will destroy Kurt Angle, I will injure him. I will make him beg for his career, I will…” Right then, Edge comes into the picture and stares at Joe for a second then he begins to speak, “Listen Joe, I have no problem with you. I don’t have a problem with Kurt Angle. All I want is the World Heavyweight Championship, and I will take out anyone in my path. I don’t care if it is you or Kurt Angle, I will be walking out of Domination as the World Heavyweight Champion, and I want the world to know. So next week on Impact Raw, whoever wins tonight between you two, will be a guest on my ground breaking show The Cutting Edge!”  Edge walks away from the scene as Joe has an angry look on his face.
We go back to the commentary table with Tazz and Michael Cole. “Cole, after what I just saw, I got to say that the Joe-Angle match is going to be awesome.”  “I can’t argue with you on that one Tazz. I am ready for that one to begin.”  “Not yet Cole, that’s later, now we have another match from the X-Division Tournament!

 X Division Tournament Round One
Amazing Red vs. Chavo Guerrero

Amazing Red makes his entrance to a great reaction from the crowd. Chavo enters to a mediocre crowd reaction and he gets in the ring and this match is ready to begin. Chavo runs at Red to start, but Red hops right over him and dropkicks Chavo into the corner. Red kicks at Chavo left and right before jumping on the second rope, jumping off, and hitting a springboard dropkick! Red is on fire and he gets on the top rope and goes for a Infa-Red, but Chavo moves out of the way. Chavo lifts Red up and suplexes him three times for the Three Amigos. Chavo heads to the top rope in this very fast paced match. Chavo taunts on the top rope and jumps for his frog splash, but Red puts his knees up. Chavo connects right onto the knees and he rolls over in pain. Red stands up and hits a Hurracarrana driver on Chavo. He picks Chavo up in a suplex position and slams him down head first for a brainbuster. Red heads to the top rope, but Chavo kicks Red on the rope, causing him to lose his balance, and Chavo goes to the top turnbuckle with Red. Chavo goes for a Hurracarrana off the top turnbuckle, but Red reverses and slams Chavo down with a powerbomb. Red regains himself as Chavo gets to his feet. When Chavo gets to his feet, Red jumps off the top turnbuckle and executes a Code Red! Amazing Red jumps off the top rope and had the accuracy and speed to hit his famous Leg Trap Sunset Flip! Red has the pin, One, Two, Three.

Winner-Amazing Red!

“Oh my god Cole, did you see that? Can we please see a replay of that?” A replay is shown several times on the titantron.  “Wow, that was amazing Cole, absolutely amazing!”  “I have got to say Tazz that was definitely awesome. An awesome ending to a great match.”  Chavo gets up and him and Red shake hands. “What a class act by both men, a great performance by both men during and after the match. This is what GCF is all about, Tazz.”  “It is a pretty respectful thing to do, Cole, but I wish Chavo would be trying to make more of an Impact rather than try to be so respectful”  “Whatever you say Tazz, I like the respect shown, but no matter, we still have one more X Division match tonight!” “God Cole, not only that, but we still have the steel cage match. I love what Jeff Jarrett has done tonight!”  Can’t argue with you there Tazz, but I don’t think Mr. Bischoff would appreciate us saying that”
The music of Team 3D comes on as Bubba and Devon make their way to the ring. “What are they doing out here Tazz?” “Your guess is as good as mine Cole.”  Both men get into the ring and grab a mic. The fans boo as Bubba gets ready to speak. “Shut up! Lets me talk you idiots!” The fans boo louder, but Bubba seems to get over it. “Team 3D is the greatest tag team in the world, and we are gonna be the first ones to tell you that we will be the first ever GCF tag team champions. That will be soon, but right now, a certain team seems to have a problem with us, and their name is the Hart Dynasty. Listen, I don’t care if you’re related to Superman, you do not get involved in our business. They still decided to get into our business. So right now, we are calling out The Hart Dynasty right now, show us what you’re made of!” Bubba and Devon wait for the Hart Dynasty’ music to come on, but are angered to hear the music of the Motor City Machine Guns! The Guns get an awesome reaction as the fans love them! Team 3D looks very irritated as the Guns slides into the ring. The Guns grab a mic, and Alex Shelley begins to speak. “Listen guys, we don’t have a problem with you right now, but we do have a problem with two of the things that you said. First of all, we will be the first GCF tag team champions, and that brings us to our second problem, the Motor City Machine Guns are the best tag team in the world, everyone knows this. So Team 3D, it’s your move now.”  Right before a fight breaks out, Eric Bischoff’s music hits and he has a mic in hand.  He stands on the ramp and begins to talk. “I know everyone is focused tonight on what matches Co-GM Jeff Jarrett has made, but you people forget that I am the other Co-GM. If Jeff wants to have a tournament, then I will make one to. A Tag Team Tournament, where the final two teams will face off at Domination for the GCF Tag Team Championship! We will have a match tonight, and the others will be in the upcoming weeks. Actually, the first match will take place right now and Team 3D; you better get ready because your match is up next! I spit in the face of the people who don’t want to be cool

Team 3D vs. Carlito and Primo

Carlito and Primo enter the ring as the Guns exit with a smile on their face. Carlito gets on the side of the ring while Primo stays in. Devon is in first for Team 3D. The bell rings and Devon runs at Primo and knocks him down with a boot to the gut while Primo’s back was turned. Devon drags Primo to the middle of the ring and kicks him again right in the face. Devon goes for the cover, one, kick out at one. Devon picks Primo up and brings him to the corner. Devon tags in Bubba, and they both beat down on Primo until the ref forces Devon back to the ring apron. Bubba beats Primo down some more, then throws him to the outside of the ring. Devon gets down and Bubba and Devon both pick Primo and slam Primo into the steel stairs! They keep slamming Primo’s head into the stairs until Carlito runs over to help, and the Dudleys move away quickly. Carlito helps Primo back into the ring and Carlito gets back into his corner. Primo is out of it as Bubba drags him to the middle of the ring and then tags in Devon. Devon gets to the top rope and Bubba spreads Primo’s legs and Devon jumps down and head butt that lands on Primo’s family jewels! That had to hurt! Bubba and Devon wait for Primo to stand, and when he does, Devon lifts him up and Team 3D hit a 3D on Primo! Devon covers, One, Two, Three.

Winners-Team 3D

“Team 3D picks the win by dismantling Primo, Carlito was never even tagged in. That was a very impressive win for Team 3D, definitely showing that they have the ability to win this whole tournament and be considered the best in the world Tazz.”  “Yeah a great win for Team 3D, and now move on in the tournament!” Carlito gets in the ring and he looks very irritated, but he still helps up his brother to his feet. When both men are up, Primo says sorry to his brother for blowing their chance at the gold. Carlito seems like he is about to forgive him, but before Primo can say another word, Carlito spins him around and hits a Backstabber on his own brother! Carlito yells at Primo before grabbing a mic.  “I am sick and tired of being used in tag team matches and matches that do not matter! I am a Colon! I am the prodigy of a legendary family! I want to be used right! Why can’t I ever get a singles title match, huh? I am in a new chapter in my life, and that is GCF. I will not let management limit me to pity matches and tag matches! Things will be different here, I can promise you that!” Carlito throws the mic down and storms out of the ring while Primo lays motionless in the ring.  “Wow Cole, I seriously love what I just saw from Carlito. He is sick of not being treated right, and he isn’t gonna deal with it anymore.”  “Listen Tazz, I can understand being sick of the way you are treated, but why attack your own brother and make him look like a fool? That I don’t understand.”
The camera then goes backstage where we see Christian watching what just happened, when Chris Jericho walks into the scene. Christian stands up and gets face to face with Jericho. “Hang on Christian; I’m not here to start anything. Listen, you and I are the face and future of this company. We deserve to be champions; we deserve to have gold around our valuable wastes. Christian, you and me, GCF Tag Team Champions, has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Why does Edge get all the glory? He stole that Triple Threat, but we can still get some gold. What do you think?”  “Chris, you have said a lot of dumb stuff, but you know something, your right. Edge has taken all of our glory. We deserve to be champions, not him. I’ll take you up on your offer. Chris Jericho and Christian, I do like the sound of that.”  “Listen Christian, we don’t need these hypocrite fans. They would turn on you in an instant. Join me and focus on the real matters at hand and that’s getting championships.”  “You’re right Chris, I don’t need these people. I want a championship, I don’t want fans. We need to get into that tournament, but how the hell are we going to get in it?”  “Christian, I’m happy you see it my way. How to get into the tournament you ask? Just follow me Christian and I’ll show you.” Jericho leaves the room and Christian follows. We go back to the commentary table where Tazz and Michael Cole both looked a little shocked. “I can’t believe it Tazz, Christian has turned his back on all of his peeps and is now focused solely on himself, this is sick.”  “I gotta be honest Cole, I love it. Christian is now going to focus on what are important, championships!”  “Okay Tazz, but how do they expect to get into the tournament? The bracket is already set; I just don’t know how they can possibly get in? I mean…….Tazz I am receiving word that there is some problems backstage. We go back to the parking lot, where we see Christian and Jericho attacking one of the teams from the tournament, Tommy Dreamer and Sabu, to a bloody pulp. Jericho and Christian are pulled away by referees. Christian and Jericho look at each other and smile, then walk away. Medics check on the extreme originals, and it doesn’t look very good as both men are bleeding pretty badly. We go back to the commentary team again where both men look very shocked. “Wow Cole, I can’t believe it. I can’t believe that two men just may have ended the careers of two hardcore legends. I just don’t know what to say.” Shannon Moore’s music begins to play as both commentators are still speechless.

X Division Tournament Round One
Shannon Moore vs. Homicide

Moore enters the ring with Jesse Neal as Moore tries to make his record 2-0 here in GCF. Neal exits the ring, as the fans cheer at the popular tag team. Homicide’s music hits and he walks down the ramp very confident, ready to face off against the veteran Moore! Homicide slides in the ring and gets right up and begins attacking Moore in his corner and pushes him to the outside of the ring. Jesse Neal helps Shannon get to his feet, but Homicide hops over the ropes and lands on Neal and Moore! Homicide drags Moore to the other side of the ring away from Neal and bashes Moore’s head right into the announce table! Homicide picks Moore up and tosses him in the ring. Homicide walks up the stairs slowly in a very cocky way, but Moore gets up and dropkicks Homicide back down to the floor! Moore sits in the ring trying to regain himself, and Homicide is doing the same on the outside. Homicide slides back into ring, but Moore is ready and kicks Homicide in the corner. Moore picks Homicide up and hits a snap suplex on the former LAX member. Homicide is down as Moore jumps up to the top rope, and dives for a perfect moonsault on Homicide! Shannon Moore goes for the pin, One, Two, No! Homicide somehow kicks out at two! Moore is angry that Homicide kicked out, but still picks him and places him in the corner. Moore yells at the fans “Lets end this!” Moore tosses Homicide away and gets to the second rope. Homicide is in Perfect Position for a Mooregasm, and Moore jumps, but Homicide moves out of the way and Moore slams down to the mat. When Moore gets up, Homicide runs and hits a vicious clothesline on Moore! Both men are down, but Homicide gets a hand draped over Moore, One, Two, No! Moore kicks out! Homicide stands up and waits for Moore to sit up. When Moore does sit up, Homicide runs and executes a very nice shining wizard. Homicide jumps to the top rope, and jumps down for a frog splash, One, Two, No! Homicide cannot believe it, but he quickly gets up and locks in a modified STF! Moore is trying to escape it, but he can’t! Moore is in so much pain as Homicide locks it in tighter. Homicide has the hold in very tight and there is no where for Moore to go. Shannon begins to pull himself closer to the ropes, but Homicide still won’t let up. Moore puts his hand out and tries reaching for the ropes, but his arms aren’t long enough. Moore seems to be fading and right before he passes out, he makes one more desperate reach for the ropes, and he makes it! The ref tells Homicide to break the hold, but he doesn’t. The ref begins his count, and Homicide finally breaks the hold right before the ref disqualifies him. Homicide pulls Moore away from the ropes, and tries to hook the hold in again, but Moore pushes Homicide away with his foot. Homicide goes back at Moore, only to be kicked away again, but this time it sends Homicide to the outside. This gives Moore some time to get to his feet, but Homicide slides back into the ring and goes back at Moore. Shannon kicks Homicide in the gut until Homicide backs off. Moore gets up, and dropkicks Homicides knees, causing Homicide to fall flat on his face. Moore runs and springboards off the ropes, spins around and hits a Mooregasm! Shannon Moore hits a springboard Mooregasm on Homicide! Homicide is hurt badly, but Moore is down too. Moore crawls over to a cover, but it is taking him a very long time to get over to Homicide, and by the time he does, Homicide is sitting in the corner, so Moore can’t cover him. Shannon drags himself to the closest rope and pulls himself up to his feet, while Homicide still sits in the corner. Moore walks over to Homicide and picks him up. When Homicide gets to his feet in the corner, Moore backs up and then runs at Homicide and attempts a monkey flip. Moore flips Homicide over, but Homicide lands on his feet. When Moore gets up, Homicide hits a Gringo Cutter! Homicide drags himself on top of Moore and gets the cover, One, Two, NO!! Shannon Moore somehow kicks out, and Homicide is not happy! Homicide shouts and mocks Moore while Moore just lies there, and the fans are still in awe that he kicked out! Homicide slowly picks Moore up and when Moore gets to his feet, Homicide goes for Da Gringo Killa, but Moore flips out of it and gets a rollup on Homicide, One, Two, No!! Homicide kicks out at two! Moore is quick to get up though and kicks Homicide right in the face before Homicide can get to his feet. Shannon really wants to end this one and Neal is getting the fans behind Moore on the outside. Shannon heads to the top rope, looking to end it with his signature moonsault, but we see Beer Money running down the ramp! Beer Money attack Neal from behind and James Storm hits Neal in the face with his beer bottle! Neal is hurt outside as Beer Money don’t stop the attack. Moore gets down from the turnbuckle and yells at Beer Money to stop or else, but from behind Homicide is up and he pulls Moore away from the ropes, spins him around and hits Da Gringo Killa! Homicide jumps on top of Moore for the pin, One, Two, Three.


“Homicide did it! Homicide beats Shannon Moore, what a match Cole!”  “Yeah Tazz, what a match, but I wish Beer Money didn’t have to interfere, and look their not done with Ink Inc yet.” Beer Money throw Neal in the ring then slowly walk up the stairs, embracing the boos from the crowd. When they reach the ring, Neal is up to his feet, but still groggy. James Storm hits a super kick on Neal though out of nowhere! Neal falls back down, and Beer Money begins to stalk an already fallen Shannon Moore. Beer Money stalks Moore and when Moore stands, Beer Money hits a DWI! Beer Money taunts to the crowd, while Ink Inc lay knocked out on the mat. “C’mon Tazz, Beer Money attacks Ink Inc, and costs Shannon his shot at the X Division title, and now they may have cost Ink Inc their shot at the tag titles.”  “Cole, Beer Money saw an opportunity to make a statement and they did. That’s all there is to it.”  Neal and Moore are helped to the back and the ring gets cleared for the next match. “Well anyway King, our next match will feature two of our most feared superstars, Matt Morgan and The Great Khali, face off for the first time ever. Khali looks to make an Impact, while Morgan already has one win under his belt, and let’s get this one started.”

Matt Morgan vs. The Great Khali

Morgan makes his entrance to plenty of heat from the crowd. Morgan walks up the stairs shouting “Undefeated baby! Oh Yeah!” Morgan gets in the ring, and the Great Khali’s music hits and the fans give him plenty of cheers. Khali gets to the ring and walks over the top rope into the ring. Both giants are in their corners, the bell rings and this match is ready to begin. Morgan runs at Khali to start, but Khali overpowers him with a clothesline that sends Morgan down. Khali picks Morgan up and throws him into the corner. Khali runs at Morgan in the corner and elbows him in the face. Khali drags Morgan away from the corner. Khali goes for a Leg Drop, but Morgan moves out of the way. Khali is down and Morgan takes advantage by jumping on top of Khali and punching him several times until the ref pulls him off. Morgan backs off, but then goes back and picks Khali up and Irish Whips him into the ropes, and when Khali comes back, Morgan somehow flips him for a powerslam. Khali crawls to the corner and Morgan follows. Morgan pulls Khali to his feet and traps him in the corner. Morgan removes his elbow pads and repeatedly elbow strikes Khali. When the referee again pulls Morgan off of Khali, Morgan gets right in the refs face about it. Morgan drags Khali away from the corner and then stalks Khali as he tries to get up. Khali uses the ropes to get up, and when he finally does, Morgan runs full force and hits a Carbon Footprint! Khali falls down flat on his back. Morgan is pumped up, and it looks like he isn’t done with Khali yet. Morgan picks Khali up and throws Khali’s arm over his neck. Morgan picks Khali up in a suplex position and executes a quick Hellevator on The Great Khali! Morgan covers, One, Two, Three.

Winner-Matt Morgan

“Wow Cole, Matt Morgan just single handily took apart The Punjabi Giant! That was really impressive.”  “I got to hand it to Morgan, Tazz. He cleanly beat Khali, and I don’t think I have ever seen someone beat Khali that bad. Morgan was definitely impressive, but let’s hope his ego doesn’t affect his talent.” Morgan celebrates up the ramp, while Khali is helped up by the ref. Khali limps to the back with no help from medics or referees. “Cole, I think Morgan will be fine, and it will b e only a matter of time before he gets a championship match, and eventually, a champion.”  You think you know me!
Edge’s music plays and the Number One Contender walks down the ramp to one of the best receptions of the night. Edge walks over to the announce table and shakes both commentators hands. Edge takes a seat at ringside to watch the action and see who he will be facing at Domination for the World title. “Here we go Tazz! A steel cage between two men who absolutely hate each other, this should be an epic match.”

Number One Contenders Steel Cage Match
Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Kurt Angles music hits and the You Suck chants begin. Angle ignores them and he slides into the ring. Samoa Joe’s music begins and the fans go crazy. Joe walks slowly down the ramp into the ring. When both men are in their corners, the cage is lowered. Joe loves it and feels at home, while Angle looks very worried. The referees lock the door, Joe smiles, and the bell rings. Angle quickly hops onto the cage and begins to climb. Joe slowly walks over to Angles side of the cage, and when he gets there, Angle begins to climb faster. Joe pulls Angle down, kicks him in the gut, and throws him head first into the unforgiving steel cage! Angle is stunned, so Joe runs right at him and hits a sick clothesline that almost flips Angle over. Joe gets right next to Angles ear and shouts at him “Who can’t walk the walk now?!” Joe looks to end this one early as he hooks in the Coquina Clutch! Angle manages to slither out of it and get to the other side of the ring in the corner. Angle uses the turnbuckleto get up and while Angle faces the turnbuckle, Joe runs across the ring and CCS Enziguris Angles back! Angle falls to his knees, and Joe kicks Angle’s face into the turnbuckle. Joe is in complete control of the match as he goes for a pin on Angle, One, Two, No. Joe quickly stands and drags Angle to the middle of the ring. Joe jumps up to the top turnbuckle, and jumps for a body splash, but Angle puts his knees up, jumps to his feet and german suplexes Joe! Angle just lays their after relasing the suplex, while Joe is already trying to get to his feet. Angle begins to stand, and both men are up to their feet at the same time, but Angle gets the advantage by hitting a clothesline of his own on Joe. Angle drags Joe next to the cage, and slams Joe’s ankle into the cage over and over again! When Angle finally stops, he drags Joe into the middle of the ring and begins stomping Joe’s ankle. Joe tries to stop him, but he is too much pain. Angle stops stomping, and slowly picks Joe up. When Joe gets to his feet, Angle spins him around and hits another German Suplex, but he doesn’t release. Angle hits two more German suplexes before letting go. Angle pulls himself over and covers Joe, One, Two, No. Joe somehow kicks out at two! Angle gets off of Joe and decides to try the other method of winning by attempting to escape the cage. Angle gets up to the top turnbuckle and attempts to power himself up to the top of the cage.  Joe is up and he begins to climb up behind Angle. When Angle turns and notices Joe cornering him, and begins to try much harder to get to the top of the cage. Joe grabs Angles foot and makes Angle lose his balance and fall off of the cage! Joe runs over to Angle and picks him up and puts him on his shoulders. Joe slams Angle down for an Island Driver! Joe hits an Island Driver on Angle! Joe covers, One, Two, No! Joe looks really disappointed, but still manages to drag Angle to the corner slowly and put him on the top turnbuckle! Joe goes for a Muscle Buster, but Angle kicks him away, and Joe loses his balance and falls hard to the mat. Angle regains himself and spins around and jumps for a moonsault, and he connects! Angle has the pin, One, Two, Joe kicks out! Angle slams his hands to the mat out of frustration, and walks over to Joe’s ankle. Angle puts his foot on Joe’s already injured ankle and puts all of his weight on it. Joe screams in pain, as Angle grabs Joe’s foot, going for the Ankle Lock, but Joe uses his power to kick Angle away and Angle slams the back of his head into the cage! Angle slowly falls to his knees and then falls flat on his face. Joe begins to stand by using the ropes for leverage, while Angle looks like he is knocked out. Joe makes it to his feet, and slowly limps over to Angle. Joe gets to Angle and begins to pick him up, but Angle was playing possum, and grabs Joe’s ankle and locks in the Ankle Lock! Angle looks like he wants to breaks Joe’s ankle! Joe is in so much pain as Angle has an extremely intense look on his face. Joe pulls himself and Angle closer to the ropes, but the referee reminds him that there are no rope breaks. Joe looks like he is about to tap, but he continues to try to fight out of the hold. Joe crawls over to the corner, and grabs the first turnbuckle and pulls himself up. Then Joe pulls himself up the second turnbuckle, while Angle still has his submission hold locked in. Joe, now with balance, hits an enziguri on Angle to finally break the hold. Joe falls into the corner, holding his ankle and feeling all of the effects of the ankle lock. Angle is stunned, but when he regains himself, he runs at Joe in the corner, but somehow, Joe uses all of his strength to move out of the way. Joe quickly gets to his feet, and quickly puts Angle on the top turnbuckle. Joe sets up the Muscle Buster, and even with his injured ankle, manages to execute it! Joe slams Angle with his signature Muscle Buster, with an injured ankle! Joe crawls over to the cover, One, Two, NO!! Angle kicks out of Joe’s finishing move! Joe puts his hands on his head because he cannot believe it! Joe screams at Angle, “Stay Down!” Edge cannot believe it either as he sits watching this great match! Joe gets up to his feet, and begins to limp over to the cage. Joe gets to the top turnbuckle, and then begins to slide across the ropes so he doesn’t have to climb the cage from the corner. Joe gets to the middle of the ropes, and powers himself to the top of the cage. Angle is up now and sees that Joe is almost out of the cage. Angle works off pure adrenaline as he quickly gets to the middle of the ropes. Joe sees and begins to try to kick Angle down with his good foot, but Angle sees the opportunity and catches Joes foot and locks in an Ankle Lock! Angle has an Ankle lock on Joe while Joe is sitting on the top of the cage! Joe quickly slides back down to the ropes, and Angle lets go, but quickly spins Joe around and hooks the Angle Slam, and does it! Kurt Angle connects with an Angle Slam off of the top rope! Joe looks like he is out of it, and so does Angle. Both men lay there for a while until Angle manages to get to his feet. Angle looks at Joe, but doesn’t go for the pin. Instead, he just begins to climb the cage! Angle slowly gets up to the corner of the cage, and this time is able to pull himself to the top. Angle doesn’t fall yet though as he sits up there for a second to regain himself. Eventually Angle begins to climb down the cage, and he is almost to the floor. Inside the ring, Joe is picking himself up. Angle is close to the floor, but Joe tells the referees to open the door. Joe looks over at Angle and see how close he is, so Joe runs as fast as he can with his injured ankle over to the door, but instead of going down the stairs, he suicide dives through the ropes onto the floor! Joe hits the ground, but you see on the other side of the ring that Angle is down as well! Angle is celebrating, but when he looks in the ring and sees that Joe made it out, he is yelling at the referees asking who won? All the referees gather at the announce table to see the replays, and when they come back, they raise the hand of……Samoa Joe!

Winner-Samoa Joe!!

Angle is furious as Joe smiles and begins to celebrate up the ramp. Edge nods his head, happy to finally know who his opponent will be at Domination. “Wow Tazz, what a great match between these two men, and we now know what our main event will be at Domination!”  “Yeah, two of my favorite wresters clash and my good friend Joe comes out on top! I thought Angle had it, but Joe jumps through the door right onto the floor. That was such a smart move by Joe. What a match that will be at Domination between Edge and Joe, it will definitely be a classic.”  “ You got that right Tazz, but we are out of time here on Impact Raw, make sure you are here next week, as we continue the X-Division tournament and the tag team tournament!” Impact Raw ends with Samoa Joe celebrating up the ramp, while Angle is flipping out about the loss.




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