News from a WWE Tryout Camp, WWE Loses a Creative Team Member

– Joe Francosi finished up with the WWE creative team at last week’s tapings in Bakersfield, California. Francosi was hired earlier this year in February and appeared on RAW when Jon Lovitz hosted earlier this year. Francosi was the man who pulled his eye-ball out in a talent skit with Ted DiBiase and Virgil.

Francosi was also the man who suggested the “spoken word” segment that RAW host William Shatner did months back. Francosi actually suggested the Shatner segment while interviewing with WWE trying to get the job. Francosi previously worked as a producer for UPW and was the man behind Mick Foley & Colt Cabana’s comedy tour.

– As noted before, WWE is looking for Divas between the ages of 18 and 25. They ran a tryout cap last week and word is that of the 63 or so people that tried out, about 50 of them didn’t even belong there. It usually costs people $1,000 to tryout at one of WWE’s camps.

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  • John

    They didn’t belong there according to John Laurinaitis, that is. They’re probably very beautiful talented women, but they didn’t turn Mr. Ace on.

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