Bret Hart Comments on Being in the SummerSlam Main Event

Bret Hart has a new blog up on his Facebook page, talking about the main event at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view against Nexus. Here’s what Bret wrote about the match:

Summerslam has come and gone and, in so many ways, it all seems like a crazy dream. Tagging up with John Cena was a personal pleasure and it was more than a treat to sit down with him before the match and watch him lay down the strategies of our team from start to finish. Despite my so-called bout with Vince McMahon at WrestleMania, this scenario at Summerslam would be much closer to the types of matches I had 12 years ago.

Luckily, six other wrestlers on my team would be doing the brunt of the work. It was great for me to sit in with my team and listen to Cena methodically lay down our strategy: to hit ’em hard and to hit em’ first. I was more than impressed with how he dissected different moments like a true ring general, reminding me of how I used to do the same. He gave every one of us a broad overview on exactly how we would overwhelm Nexus once and for all. All I can say is what a rush! The match seemed surreal right from the start and I can’t help but smile at the memory at both Chris Jericho and Edge on the apron battling together with the rest of us, Cena, to me, clearly stood out as our biggest asset and, despite Team WWE, eliminating two Nexus wrestlers, they rallied right back and evened things out.

Nexus soon found out what a tough scrapper Jericho is when he’s pushed into a corner when he came off the second rope with a punishing dropkick right square in the kisser of a Nexus goon and then it all just slows down for me like a movie in slow motion. Jericho gives me the hot tag, I haven’t made a good wrestling comeback in at least 12 years. As I feel the slap of skin, ducking through the ropes my head feels lightheaded; the fiery redheaded Heath Slater has tagged and coming right at me. Then like a blast of technicolor, I block his punch and begin my pounding of my big rubber hammers off his head. Hard thumps to his ribcage, he falls back into a corner and, like days of old, I pull myself up to the second rope and begin a barrage of fat-fisted carnage. As this punk from Nexus finds out the hard way that you can take the Hitman out of the fight but you can never take the fight out of the Hitman. I got him reeling as I fire him crisply into the ropes. He stumbles off wondering if it’ll be a Goldberg kick or an elbow, but at the last second, I step aside and place a meaty fist right into his gut taking his breath away. I pull myself up but I feel my energy slipping. I snatch him quick and hoist him up and dropping him with a vicious front ass-bump, popping him up in time to club him down with a Hitman clothesline.

My tank is holding steady as I hold him by the heels and step through for my coup-de-grace, the Sharpshooter. He’s done for. I glanced down in time to see Nexus leader, Wade Barrett, slide a steel chair underneath the bottom rope. At this point I decide to go seal-hunter on him, only to intercept the bald musclehead Skip Sheffield with no time to spare. I had to protect myself. With a bash in the guts, I bent the big meathead over and smash the chair over his backside. The smash feels electrifying and so does the crowd. The Staples Center goes bananas. The ref frantically waves me out, I’m disqualified. I can’t believe it. Barrett brought the damn chair in. My L.A. fans chant and I remember my stroke and my wheelchair, I picture my mom sighing in relief, Stu with Owen and Davey close by as I high-five some beaming and exasperated kids. Luckily, Cena would eventually pull this one of the fire for Team WWE. As for me, my heart would fill up on the moment. Slaps on the back at the Gorilla position, grins bigger than mine. I made it back to Summerslam and held my own. Anything is possible as the Hitman makes everyone believers one more time, even himself. Next dream will be Madison Square Garden on September 25th. Can’t wait!

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