Mason Ryan’s FCW Title Win, WWE High on Alberto Del Rio, More

– Regarding Alberto Del Rio, who debuts this week on Friday Night SmackDown, company officials are reportedly high on him due to the feeling that Rey Mysterio is one knee injury away from possible retirement and they need a new Hispanic star. Meanwhile, some wrestlers feel he’s aloof, which has some rubbed some of his peers the wrong way.

– As reported earlier, Welsh born wrestler Mason Ryan beat Alex Riley last Thursday to become the new Florida Heavyweight Champion. After winning the title, Ryan was telling people that he couldn’t believe he was given the strap as he felt he was far too green and didn’t deserve it. Many within WWE like Ryan as most guys of his stature come in with the attitude that they should be pushed to the top, whether they have talent or not. He, on the other hand, doesn’t understand why the company is pushing him.

– The Aug. 1 RAW live event in Fort Myers, Florida drew 4,248, with a $147,850 gate.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • Horseman420

    Yeah, they were high on Eric Escobar….how’d that turn out? Exactly……….

  • King

    exactly and they just admitted it with a good attitude guys should be pushed whether they have talent or not.

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