Former X Division Champion Gone from TNA

– TNA Wrestling has released former X-Division and Tag Team champion Homicide. Homicide wrote on Twitter:

“my tna days is over, thank u for the staff members and the boys and girls in the locker room, had a great run, bbllaattt187 for life.”

He also noted he would be taking the next month off to rest his body before announcing his next move.



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  • King

    well he had a good run hope though he could have been global champ i can’t see him as TNA champion.

  • Kryptonite

    Never cared for his glorified gangster gimmick anyways. I hate all gangbangers and there are a lot in CA. No sorrow here.

  • PowerUp 5000

    He was ok, he was better. With LAX Hernandez has potential 2 be a great singles wrestler..Good Luck Homicide

  • killarob

    Who really cares!!!

  • j

    Nup sorry I dont really care for his characters gangster gimmick.. Even when he was given the push with LAX.. And completely buried In World Elite or whatever they called that rubbish..
    Good luck to him though..

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