Update on RVD and Joe’s Status with TNA

– As reported here last week, Rob Van Dam will be taking some time off from TNA due to the company using up most of his scheduled contracted appearances. It’s worth noting that RVD is still advertised for the September 23rd TNA house show event in New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom. Aside from that show, RVD is not booked for any other live events or television tapings.

– After being kept of television for a few weeks following a recent backstage blowup a TNA iMPACT taping, Samoa Joe is set to return to TNA at Monday’s iMPACT tapings. Joe was sent home several weeks ago after going on rampage backstage at an iMPACT taping. Joe reportedly flipped out after Jeremy Borash announced that there was 30 seconds remaining in his match with Jeff Hardy. The match ended in a time limit draw and Joe felt the “time remaining” announcement gave away the finish for the match.




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  • Kenobi909

    I really just wanted to say that the company is totally underusing Joe. He is easily one of the top 5 wrestlers in TNA and they really need to figure out a way to keep him at the top of the card. I like Kaz and all but Matt Morgan??? The guy’s a goofy goon with limited skills and they give him a ton of air time. Not to mention his story arcs suck and they still air them. Joe needs a solid character story and consistant matches with all the top guys. The last great Joe feud was Joe/Angle, and that was 3 years ago!!!!

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