Latest on Undertaker’s Health, Bryan Working RAW Events, CM Punk

– Daniel Bryan will begin working RAW live events on August 28th in Wildwood, New Jersey in a match with John Cena and Chris Jericho vs. Nexus. Danielson was originally booked for a NYWC independent show on that date in Long Island, New York.

– The Undertaker received medical clearance to begin working out again in the last few weeks. Taker has been nursing a broken orbital bone, among other injuries. Taker was still experiencing vision problems as recently as last month. He also suffered a concussion in the match where Rey Mysterio broke his orbital bone.

– Luke Gallows said on Twitter yesterday that CM Punk will not Tweet anything until he has one million followers. Punk can be found @2ndCitySavior.

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  • PowerUp 5000

    Taker is a legend, I think he needs 2 retire and retain his health not saying he can’t wrestle, But he needs good time off from the ring he has done a lot 4 the biz ..If he can do one more Wrestlemaina it would be good 2 see him beat one more person ..I’m pushing for Cena vTaker at Mania in atlanta

  • Natalie Vaughn

    Undertaker is back on SummerSlam he is a legend. I think he needs to take his time off on the next PPV. Get well soon Undertaker!!!!!

  • Hulkado

    The king of smackdown has done some incredible stuff in his career but taker is sure is one of the most feared wrestlers of all time even after he retires,

  • j

    Keep Taker saved for the BIG events.. If he chooses to continue wrestling, used sparingly, he could pull a better performance. Plus it will be more memorable for the fans..


    I advice my hero undertaker to swallow his pride and retire for good and for christ sake love you my hero.

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