GCF Impact Raw – August 18, 2010

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Impact Raws opening video ends and the camera shows the sold out crowd in Los Angeles, California as we are ready to go for the first ever show of the Golden Championship Federation era! We then go to GCF Impact Raws commentators, Michael Cole and Tazz.  “Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to a Commercial free Impact Raw! I am joined by my partner, Tazz, as we are rocking the Staples Center tonight!”  “You got that right Michael, and I am so ready for our double main event tonight!”  “That’s right Tazz, we will determine the men who will face for the World Heavyweight title at our first ever Pay Per View, Domination!” “Well that’s then and this is now, as tonight, we have a huge triple threat match between Christian, Edge and Chris Jericho!  Michael, all of those men have plenty of history together and you know that one will be an instant classic!” “Well Tazz, let’s not forget about our other huge main event, a match between two men who have a lot of hate for each other, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle!”  “Two superstars ready to rip each other’s heads off for a shot at the world title? That should be an intense match, Michael.”  “Remember Tazz, the winner of the triple threat and the winner of the Joe-Angle match will face off at Domination with the world title on the line!”  “Well for now, we have a match set up that is shaping up to be a very interesting one as we get the first ever Impact Raw started, Cole!”  With that, the music of Sheamus hits as we are ready for the first ever match of GCF!

RVD vs. Sheamus

The fans boo at Sheamus as he makes his entrance, but that booing turns into cheering as they get on their feet for one of the all time greats, Rob Van Dam! RVD makes his way to the ring as Sheamus waits impatiently. When he finally gets there, Sheamus attacks right away as he kicks RVD while he was going through the ring ropes. The bell rings and the match finally starts as Sheamus continues to beat down Van Dam before locking in a headlock that keeps RVD grounded. Sheamus holds the headlock in for a good 3 minutes before the fans start to rally for RVD. Van Dam makes it to his feet and punches Sheamus in the gut until he is forced to break the hold. RVD runs against the ropes but Sheamus catches him and flips him over for a big back body drop. Sheamus then stomps on RVD a little more before picking him up and throwing him into the corner. “I really like what I see from Sheamus right now Cole, he is being aggressive and you gotta love that.”  “Listen Tazz, if Sheamus would not have attacked RVD before the bell, I think this match wouldn’t be going the way it’s going.” With RVD in the corner, Sheamus does his signature taunt as the fans boo at the Irish Superstar. Sheamus runs back to the corner, going for a clothesline but RVD ducks out of the way! With Sheamus in the corner now, RVD doesn’t waste any time and starts kicking Sheamus in the corner until the ref forces him to stop and pulls him away. This gives Sheamus time to recover, as he runs at RVD and takes him down with a vicious clothesline. Sheamus goes for the cover, 1, 2…no! RVD kicks out at two! Sheamus looks frustrated and gets right in the refs face. Sheamus kicks RVD a little more before picking him up and hitting an Irish Curse on a vulnerable RVD. Sheamus covers RVD again, 1, 2… RVD kicks out again right before the ref counts three. Sheamus can’t believe it as he grows extremely frustrated.  Sheamus shouts to RVD, “Stay down fella!” Sheamus backs up and waits for RVD to get up. RVD finally makes it up and Sheamus tries for a Brogue Kick, but RVD ducks under it and Sheamus gets his foot stuck on the top rope. RVD takes full advantage and starts punching and kicking Sheamus until he finally gets his foot loose and goes for another clothesline, but RVD runs right underneath it and quickly gets to the rope. When Sheamus turns around, RVD hits him with a diving kick that sends Sheamus to the ground. With Sheamus in position, RVD hits Sheamus with a Rolling Thunder! Quick Pin, 1, 2…NO! Sheamus kicks out just in time! RVD gets up frustrated, but gathers himself and heads up to the top rope and gets ready for a frog splash but Sheamus gets up and hits the ropes, causing RVD to lose his balance and land right on his family jewels! Sheamus gets up to the top rope and gets ready to hit RVD with a superplex, but RVD fights out of it and pushes Sheamus back down to the mat! Sheamus is in position and RVD jumps for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Sheamus moves out of the way just in time! Both men get to their feet quickly, but out of nowhere Sheamus hits RVD with a picture perfect Brogue Kick! Sheamus covers, one, two, and three.


“Wow! What a match, Tazz, between both of these men! RVD put up a valiant effort, but in the end Sheamus puts him away with that devastating kick.” Sheamus celebrates the win, but looks down at RVD and he’s not done with him yet. Sheamus lifts RVD up and places him on his back, and then slams him down with the Celtic Cross. RVD looks like he’s unconscious.” Now was that necessary, Tazz? Sheamus attacks an already worn down RVD for no real reason at all.”  “That was very necessary, Michael. Everybody is trying to make a name for themselves here in GCF so why not add on to the well earned win?”  Sheamus is now in the middle of the ring with a mic, “Did you just see that? I just picked apart one of the all time greats and got the win. I am going to show that I am the most dominant force in GCF and it is only a matter of time before I have some gold around my waste. Soon, I will become the first Irish born World Heavyweight Champion!” “Michael, I gotta agree with him on that one! Sheamus is my favorite superstar so far here in GCF.”  “How can you say that, Tazz? Sheamus just won a very hard fought battle with RVD, but he attacked RVD in the beginning, giving him an unfair advantage to start?”  “I’m telling you Michael, Sheamus is a dominant force here in GCF, and he is my favorite.”  “Lets not waste anymore time arguing, we got some X-Division action Tazz!” 

Homicide vs. Evan Bourne vs. Rey Mysterio

Two of the biggest fan favorites in GCF, Evan Bourne and Rey Mysterio, make their entrances to an amazing reception. Homicide makes his entrance to a mixed reaction of boos and cheers. All three men are in the ring ready as the bell rings to start this X-Division match! As soon as the bell rings, Homicide rolls out of the ring and stands outside while Bourne and Mysterio lock up. Mysterio gets the upper hand and throws Bourne to the ropes with an Irish Whip, but Bourne jumps right over Mysterio and through the ropes for a suicide dive right on to Homicide! Mysterio follows up by jumping right over the ropes and landing on both of the superstars! Everyone is down now as all the men try to make their way up. “What a great X-Division match so far, Tazz!”  “Yeah Cole, but remember, since it’s a triple threat match, there are no count outs and no disqualification.”  Back to the outside of the ring, Bourne is up first and goes to pick up Homicide, but he fights his way out and viciously Irish Whips Bourne into the steel steps. Mysterio is up behind him and he gets on top of the guardrail! Mysterio runs across the guardrail right on to Homicide and hits a Hurracarrana that sends Homicide right into the steel steps as well! Bourne and Homicide are down, while Mysterio is up and makes his way over to both men as fans pat him on the back. Mysterio sees Bourne about to get up and he starts hitting vicious kicks to the side of Bourne’s head. Bourne falls back down, this time Mysterio picks him up and throws him in the ring, but from behind, Homicide hits Mysterio in the back with a steel chair! Mysterio falls down and Homicide hits him one more time in the back. Homicide goes into the ring with the chair and hits Bourne once in the back then throws the chair outside of the ring. He then goes for the cover on Bourne. One, two…no! Bourne somehow kicks out! Homicide looks angry as he yells at the ref. He picks Bourne up and goes for a suplex, but Bourne knees him in the face right before Homicide was going to slam him to the mat. Homicide throws Bourne off him and Bourne lands at the ropes. Homicide runs at him and clotheslines him over the rope to the floor. Homicide tries to regain himself while Bourne lies outside of the ring, but from behind, Mysterio dropkicks Homicide into the ropes and Homicide bounces off the ropes right into a Hurracarrana from Mysterio that lands him lying on the second rope. Homicide is in the 619 position; Mysterio runs up and hits him with a perfect 619 as Homicide lands in the middle of the ring. Mysterio jumps on the top rope hits a body splash on Homicide! He goes for the pin, but Bourne is on the top rope! The ref counts one, two, but Bourne breaks it up with a shooting star press onto both men! Mysterio rolls to the outside of the ring and Bourne covers Homicide! One, two, three!

Winner- Evan Bourne

“Wow Tazz! What an ending to an awesome match! I thought it was over after that 619, but Bourne out of no where hits that amazing shooting star press on both men, and then Bourne covers Homicide for the win!  “I gotta agree with you on that one, Michael that was awesome!”

The music of NXT season one winner Wade Barrett hits as Homicide and Mysterio head to the back. “What is he doing out here Tazz?”  “I don’t know, Michael, but I think we’re about to find out.”  Wade is now in the ring, not acknowledging the boos from the fans.  “When I won NXT season one, everyone knew that I was going to be a future world champion. I am England’s best bare knuckle fighter, and I am GCF’s best wrestler. I am going to model my career off of a man by the name of Randy Orton. Orton came into the WWE and joined a stable known as Evolution. He then went on to become a World Champion and broke away from Evolution. That is what I will be doing. I broke away from the Nexus, and now I have a fresh start here in GCF. It is only a matter of time before I win a World Championship, only this time I will be better than Randy Orton, or any other superstar here in GCF.”
Ohhhhhhh Yeaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
Jay Lethals music hits and he walks down the ramp in an outfit different than his usual attire. He is wearing attire what looks a lot like Randy Orton’s. Barrett looks confused and angry at the same time. “Tazz, what is this? He looks like Randy Orton. I don’t really understand this.”  “Michael, Jay Lethal is a master of impersonations. I am excited to see what he is planning now!”  Lethal gets into the ring as Barrett is trying to understand what is happening.  “Mr. Lethal, what exactly are you doing? This is my time, and you better leave before you get hurt.” “Who do you think you are speaking to Wade? You better shut your mouth before you get hit with an R…….K……..O!!! I am a 3rd generation superstar and you sit in here and mock me? It’s quite obvious that Jay Lethal will be the new me, he is much more athletic than you will ever be, and he is much more handsome.” 
”Listen Jay, leave now before you get me more irritated than I already am.”  I hear voices in my head, they talk to me, they understand.
The fans are on their feet as the real Randy Orton makes his way to the ring and he isn’t happy. Barrett and Lethals attention shifts to Orton. “Tazz, Randy Orton doesn’t look very happy.”  “I would hate to be both of those men right now, Cole.”
Orton gets in the ring and grabs a mic; it looks like he has something to say. He looks down into the mic, but instead of talking, he throws down the mic, and hits an RKO on Wade Barrett! The fans are going crazy! Lethal doesn’t really know what to do so he starts to leave, but Orton spins him around and hits him with an RKO! He looks at both of them, nods his head in disapproval, and then does his signature pose.
We then go to the back where we are with Impact Raw GM Eric Bischoff. “Ladies and gentlemen, next week on Impact Raw, it will be Wade Barrett and Jay Lethal teaming up, against Randy Orton, in a Handicap match!”  We go back to the commentary table with Tazz and Michael Cole.  “What a huge announcement Tazz! Next week, The Randy Orton wannabes against the real Randy Orton in a handicap match!”  “That should be a good one Michael, but for now we get to see one of my favorite wrestlers, Ted Dibiase, wrestle right now!”

Ted Dibiase w/ Maryse vs. Shannon Moore w/ Jesse Neal

Dibiase makes his way to the ring with the lovely Maryse to a round of boos; Maryse is looking gorgeous with a gold dress and plenty of jewelry.  Shannon Moore then makes his entrance with his Ink Inc tag partner Jesse Neal. Both men are in the ring and we are ready to get this match underway.  The match starts off with Shannon running right at Dibiase, only to be kicked in the gut, then kicked a few more times until the ref gets him off. Moore starts to recover, but Dibiase breaks away from the ref and kicks him right in the face. Dibiase points at Neal, and then goes for a cover on Moore. One, kick out at one. Dibiase picks up Moore and throws him against the rope but Moore holds onto the rope. Dibiase runs at him but Moore ducks and holds the top rope down, sending Dibiase over the rope onto the floor. Moore regains himself and jumps over the top rope onto Dibiase! Both men are down as the ref starts the count. Moore is up first and throws Dibiase in the ring. He goes for the cover, One, Two, kick out at two! Moore gets up and picks Dibiase up. Moore runs against the ropes, but Dibiase runs as well. When Moore gets back to the middle, he turns around right into a vicious clothesline from Dibiase! Dibiase goes for a pin, One, Two, No! Moore kicks out right before the ref counts to three. Dibiase looks frustrated, and picks up Moore and throws him into the corner. He runs at the corner but Moore puts his foot up and kicks Dibiase in the stomach. Dibiase is stunned, and Moore gets up to the second rope, Mooregasm! Moore hits a Mooregasm on Dibiase out of no where! Cover, One, Two, Three!

Winner-Shannon Moore

“A very fast paced match with a great ending. That was a good match, Cole!”  “Gotta agree with you there Tazz!”  Moore and Neal celebrate in the ring, but from behind its Team 3D! They attack Moore and Neal with Chairs to the back and are destroying Ink Inc. The Hart Dynasty’s music hits and they run down to the ring for the save. Team 3D bails and run for dear life. The Hart Dynasty check on Ink Inc and stare at Team 3D.
“I like it Cole, a few tag teams looking to make a name for themselves so they do!”  “C’mon Tazz why does Team 3D have to attack a team from behind? I don’t understand why.”  “It doesn’t matter Cole, anyway they can make a name for themselves here, they gotta do it.”  “I don’t know Tazz, but we do have Todd Grisham in the back for an interview.” 

“Thanks guys. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Kurt Angle.”
“Kurt, what are your feelings on the match with Samoa Joe that will take place tonight to determine the Number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title.”  “Well Todd, I have beat Samoa Joe plenty of times before, because he’s just not good. He’s all talk, he can’t walk the walk. I am a damn Olympic Gold Medalist. I won a gold medal, with a broken neck! I said I would win the medal, and even though I broke my neck, I still won. I talked the talk and walked the walk. Look at me, I’m talking right now, and later, I’ll do my victory walk. Angle then smiles and walks away.

Matt Morgan vs. Yoshi Tatsu

“Gotta love the confidence in Angle, Cole.”  “More like arrogance to me Tazz, but let’s focus on now, as The Blueprint Matt Morgan takes on the Karate Kid Yoshi Tatsu.”
Morgan makes his entrance, flexing his muscles at the crowd, but still getting some boos. Yoshi Tatsu comes out to a few cheers. Both men are in the ring and the bell rings. Tatsu and Morgan lock up but Morgan pushes Tatsu across the ring.  Tatsu runs back at Morgan only to be lifted over his shoulder for a back body drop. When Tatsu gets up, Morgan runs at him and hits him with a devastating Carbon Footprint right to the face. Tatsu looks unconscious, but Morgan still picks him up and mocks him, then he gets serious and nails a Hellevator on a defenseless Tatsu. Cover, One, Two, And Three.

Winner-Matt Morgan

“Wow that was an amazing showing by Morgan, Cole!”  “I must agree with you on that one Tazz, but why did he have to mock Tatsu and add onto the punishment?”  “How many times do I have to tell you tonight Cole? Everyone wants to make an Impact. This is, IMPACT Raw isn’t it?”  “You may have a point Tazz, but onto more pressing matters, the moment is finally here. Our double main events are here, starting with Christian vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho. All of these men have plenty of history between each other. This match should be a very interesting one as we find out the first man who will compete for the World Heavyweight Championship at Domination!”   You think you know me!

Number One Contenders match
Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Edge makes his way to the ring to the loudest cheers of the night. The Rated R Superstar looks ready to go as he tries to main event the first ever PPV of GCF! Chris Jericho’s entrance music hits and he comes to ring with plenty of boos in the background, but there are surprisingly a few cheers as well.  Jericho waits outside of the ring, while Edge laughs to himself in the ring. Christian comes out to another great reaction from the crowd as the peeps are going crazy for Captain Charisma! Christian gets in the ring with his former tag team partner as Jericho still waits on the other side of the ring. After Christian and Edge are ready in the ring, Jericho slowly enters the ring as well. When Jericho finally gets in the ring, Edges smile turns into a very serious look as the bell rings and this match is ready to start!  Edge runs right a Jericho to start, punching and kicking him until Jericho falls to the ground and rolls out to the ring. Edge turns around and looks dead in the eye of Christian. The two former best friends are both smiling before they lock up. Edge pushes Christian into the corner, but the ref gets between them and separates them. Edge backs off, and the ref gets out of the way. Edge runs back at the corner but Christian moves out of the way and quickly gets behind him. Christian goes for a quick roll up, One, Two, and Edge kicks out at two. Edge gets back up to his feet as does Christian. Edge runs at Christian, but Christian reverses it with a drop toe hold which lands Edge on the second rope. Christian quickly jumps on Edges back ands chokes him with the rope. He then jumps over the rope onto the floor and slaps Edge across the face. Christian then turns around to a clothesline from Chris Jericho. Jericho slides into the ring and starts beating Edge down. He then goes for a quick pin on Edge, One, Two, No! Jericho quickly gets up and baseball slides through the ropes to knock Christian back down on the outside floor! Jericho goes back and locks in an arm lock on Edge. Edge looks like he is in a lot of pain, but when the ref asks him if he wants to submit, he refuses. Jericho starts to apply more pressure on Edges arm. “A very wise move by Jericho, Cole, without that arm, how can Jericho hit that spear of his?”  Jericho keeps the hold locked but Edge starts to get to his feet as the fans rally behind him. Edge gets to his feet and elbows Jericho. Edge recovers and Irish whips Jericho into the ropes, but when Jericho comes back, he kicks Edge right in the face. Jericho then runs to the ropes, but Christian grabs his feet and Jericho lands right on his face! Christian pulls Jericho to the outside and slams him right into the barricade! Jericho screams in pain as Christian slides back into the ring. As soon as Christian gets into the ring, Edge hits him with a big boot! Edge covers, one, two, no! A kick out by Christian at two! Edge looks at the ref, yelling “Only two?!”  Edge picks Christian up and throws him to the outside of the ring. Edge goes outside as Jericho and Christian lay there vulnerable. Edge looks at both men and smiles at the crowd. Edge drags Jericho to the steel stair case. He leans Jericho up against the stairs, and picks Christian up. He grabs Christians arm and Irish whips him right into the staircase, but Jericho moves out of the way just in time! Christian rams into the steel steps and flips over to the other side. Edge looks a little disappointed as he grabs Jericho and begins to pick him up, but Jericho breaks away from Edges grip and hits a Codebreaker out of no where! “Wow Tazz! Jericho hits a Codebreaker out of no where on Edge! Now all three men are down on the outside of the ring!” Jericho gets up and looks at Edge. Jericho yells at Edge, “An Eye for an Eye, Edge!”  Jericho grabs Edge and positions him in the same place Edge placed Jericho earlier. Jericho backs up and runs at Edge and connects with a knee right to the face! Edges head bounces off the steel steps from the knee! Edge looks unconscious as Jericho laughs at his former tag team partner. Jericho goes to the other side of the stairs, picks up Christian and tosses him into the ring. Jericho goes for a quick pin on Christian, One, Two, no! Christian kicks out at two! Jericho can not believe it as the fans cheer at Christian for kicking out of the pin. Jericho stands up and waits for Christian to stand on his own. When Christian finally gets up, Jericho goes for a Codebreaker, but Christian holds onto the ropes as Jericho slams down to the mat! Christian goes for a pin, one, two, kick out at two by Jericho! Christian almost had the match won! Jericho rolls to the outside of the ring, but Christian runs at the corner, jumps on the second turnbuckle, then jumps out of the ring onto Jericho! Christian is on fire as he throws Jericho right back into the ring. Christian gets to the top rope while Jericho starts to regain himself. Christian jumps off the top rope looking for a missile dropkick, but Jericho moves out of the way! Christian is up quickly, but so is Jericho, and when Christian runs at him, Jericho grabs both his legs and quickly gets Christian in the Walls of Jericho! Christian is in the middle of the ring with the Walls of Jericho locked in! Christian is in a ton of pain, as Jericho puts all his strength into his signature submission hold! The ref asks Christian if he wants to give up, and it looks like Christian is about to tap, but Edge re enters the ring! Jericho releases the hole but Jericho is hit with a spear by Edge! Jericho rolls to the outside of the ring, and Edge turns his attention too Christian. Edge gets to the corner and measures Christian for a spear! Christian makes it to his feet, and Edge runs at him, but Christian moves and Edge slams right into the corner. Christian hooks Edges arms, Killswitch! Christian goes for the cover, One, Two; Edges foot is on the rope! Christian can’t believe it as he drags Edge to his feet. Christian turns Edge around and hooks his arms again, but pushes Christian away, Christian turns around, right into DDT from Edge! Edge covers, One, Two, Jericho breaks it up! Jericho and Edge brawl all over the ring as Christian is almost knocked out in the other corner. Edge gets the upper hand and throws Jericho out of the ring. Edge notices in the corner of his eye, Christian is up to his feet and in perfect position. So Edge runs at Christian and sure enough, hits a perfect Spear on Christian. Cover, One, Two, Three, and the Rated R superstar is headed to Domination.


“What a win for Edge, Tazz. A great match that ends with a spear by the Ultimate Opportunist! Got to give credit to Jericho and Christian, they put up a valiant effort, but Edge will get his shot at the World title at Domination!”  “Cole, I can’t believe Edge recovered from that knee, and still get the win!”  “Tazz, we still have another main event in store of us, and we will find out who Edges opponent will be at Domination.” Christian and Jericho make their way back to the back disappointed, and with one main event over and another one begins! 

Number One Contenders match
Kurt Angle vs. Samoa Joe

Angle makes his entrance to the famous “You Suck” chants. Joe comes out to a very strong reaction from the crowd, and makes his way to the ring quickly. Joe and Angle are in their corners, as the fans chant “Joe is gonna kill you!” The bell rings and no time is wasted, as Joe runs at Angle in the corner and the two start to brawl all over the ring until they end up on the outside. They are throwing punches and kicks at each other until Joe gets the upper hand with an enziguri to the back of Angles head. The ref is counting in the ring, and he is at seven. Joe picks Angle up and rams him into the steel steps several times. The ref is still counting, nine, ten!

Double Countout

“Wait Cole, a double countout? What happens now?”  I don’t know Tazz, but I do know that this brawl between Angle and Joe isn’t over.”  Joe drops Angle and goes over to clear off the announce table. After he clears it, he grabs a steel chair and goes for Angle. He goes for a shot on Angle, but misses and hits the steps. Angle goes for an Angle Slam on Joe, but Joe gets out of it and ends up behind Angle, and smacks him in the back with the steel chair! Angle yells in pain as he turns around to face Joe, and gets hit right in the face by the chair which backs Angle up into the corner of the stairs. Angle is bleeding like crazy, as Joe stares Angle right in the eyes. Joe picks Angle up onto the stairs and puts him in Muscle Buster position! Joe backs up a little bit and drops Angle right through the announce table! Cole runs like crazy, but Tazz cheers his good friend on. Angle is out cold as Joe stands up and shouts, “Try to walk now Angle!” The last shot shows Joe embracing with Tazz and the fans as GCF goes off the air.




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