Diamond Dallas Page Backstage At SummerSlam

Former WWE/WCW star Diamond Dallas Page has posted a blog on his website talking about visiting some old friends at Summerslam:

“Went by Summer Slam today to see the boys… While I was there I got to spend some real Quality to time with Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton and the Big Show… I also ran into the new Diva Champion Melina who as it turns was Huge DDP fan growing up… it was very cute:)”




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  • j

    I wonder if he was offered a HOF spot in Atlanta while he was there?
    Hes done so much more than stalk Undertaker or that motivational speaker crap that Vince had him do..
    Oh well we’ll see…

  • K Law

    DDP was garbage…. He didn’t make it into the main event scene in WCW until 2 years before WCW’s demise and even then his title reigns were shit. WWE didn’t even take in the fact that he was a former WCW World Champion and made him chase after the European Title….

  • Tony Whiting

    Love DDP!! SELF HIGH 5!!

  • TombstoneCharlie

    DDP’s best years was with the AWA and his Diamond Exchange stable….

  • PowerUp 5000

    @@ K Law I agree with u 100% ..DDP was ok and better in AWA. In my veiw..I hated his slogan of “Bang”

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