WWE Looking for Feedback, Update on Daniel Bryan, Cena News, Young

– John Cena will be signing copies of his Legendary DVD on Sunday, October 3rd at Blockbuster in Dallas, Texas on Greenville Avenue. Cena will appear from 11am until 1pm.

– WWE has once again added Daniel Bryan to the RAW roster page. Despite being kicked out of Nexus last night, Darren Young is still listed on the RAW roster.

– For what it’s worth, WWE Magazine is currently running a poll on Twitter asking fans which pay-per-view they would like to see return. The options are King of the Ring, War Games, Halloween Havoc and “Other.”

On a related note, WWE is currently running a poll on their website asking fans what their opinions are on triple threat matches.

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  • K Law

    In order to bring in War Games, they would have to get rid of the Hell in a Cell pay per view and Elimination Chamber pay per view or they would be overkilling the cage concept. The King of the Ring should definitely make a comeback considering it helped launch a lot of wrestlers careers like Austin, Triple H and Brock Lesnar. Of course they had strong gimmicks behind them as well. WWE needs to make sure the right person wins the King of the Ring.

  • Tony Whiting

    What about Road Wild? Oh wait!! I bet TNA would do better with that payperview!!

  • j

    As much as i really want Wargame back i gotta agree with KLaw, it would be steel cage overkill… KOTR seems logical but who to put in it..
    Ill pick other.. Heres why.. I say bring back the Leathal Lottery concept where you team a bunch of random tag teams together..
    All of the winning teams went into some kind of finishing match to declare a single winner. I think they used a battle royal here.. But im sure there could be other ways to determine this..
    Anyway, give the winner a title shot or something…

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