Ring Rust Review: SummerSlam Review

Some quick thoughts on SummerSlam 2010

Kofi vs. Dolph – If the WWE wanted to continue the feud there are better ways to do it than an unrelated attack by Nexus, neither man is a member of Raw, why not go after Big Show while they were at it.  It was a very good match with a very bad ending and a foreshadowing of bad endings to come.

Fox vs. Melina – Who cares anymore, you can tell that the powers that be in WWE have no respect for female wrestlers; of course I would not consider 97% of the Diva’s wrestlers.  At least during the attitude era you might get to see some T&A, at this point these matches are just bathroom breaks.

Big Show vs. SES – A good continuation of the feud, I hope this does not signal the end of SES. Punk vs. Show at Night of Champions I would like to see how Punk does against Big Show one on one, he would have to come up with something else other than GTS.

Orton vs. Sheamus – SummerSlam is the third longest PPV event in WWE history behind only Wrestlemania and Survivor Series. I think of it as the summer’s version of Wrestlemania, that being said a WWE title match should not end in DQ or count out. I hated it when Lex won by count out and I hate it now. SummerSlam like Wrestlemania should be the apex of a feud not a “to be continued “match. Another good match ruined by an awful ending.

Kane vs. Rey – OK, anyone over 12 years old who did not see this coming raise your hands. Even the most novice of wrestling fan knew what was going to happen. The last time these two went at it was around Wrestlemania 20. I like how The Undertaker looked, just like he came out of a coma. Yes it’s been done before but these two always deliver a good feud so maybe they can show these newbie wrestlers how it’s done.  As for Rey I guess its back to mid-card feuds for you.

Team WWE vs. Nexus – I like how this match started, Daniel Bryan’s return was great, and it’s a big sign of confidence (or an act of apology) from the WWE to allow him to use the cross-face. Prior to Bryan only DX members HBK & HHH have used it regularly. In any case it was booked excellently from his beating of Nexus members to the start of his feud with the Miz. Chris gave the fans a teaser of sorts of the old Jericho until he pulled it back, the guy is truly a great star. R-Truth did an awesome version of the stunner that I wish he would use more. Now to the ending, Cena winning would be fine, but they really need to tone down this Superman complex they are building, Hulk Hogan didn’t have it this good.

SummerSlam was good but could have been better, some of the matches ended on a bad note, let’s see how they follow it up, until next time let’s watch.




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  • K Law

    Good review…. I agree with the whole Nexus attacking Dolph and Kofi but at the same time, Kofi loss 3 matches to Ziggler in a row and Ziggler just won the IC title. No real point in taking the title off him so soon or having Kofi loss 4 times straight…

    I guess pretty much like everyone, I’ve look interest in the Divas division. Melina shouldn’t had won. She was out for 8 months and only competed in 2 matches, both against Fox and manages to win both. Melina is accident prone. Didn’t she give up the title twice due to injuries? So why give her the title back? I think WWE should had focus on building up Eve. Now its going to be, Eve who unless Eve steps up and challenges for the title.

    Show vs. SES wasn’t that bad of a match… Unfortunately, the only way for their feud too continue is if either Show or Punk win a title. Night of Champions is the only pay per view that showcases title base feuds only.

    I actually enjoyed the Rey vs. Kane match considering Kane was the favorite to win anyways to start his title feud with Undertaker. I’ll be surprise if WWE lets Kane beat his brother one time and then continue their feud to Hell in a Cell!

    The 7 on 7 elimination match was great! At least it wasn’t Cena by himself eliminating one member of Nexus, one by one. A lot of people didn’t like how Cena was able to win at the end but Austin, Rock, and Hogan have done or would have done the same thing if they were in Cena’s shoes. The only time Austin ever loss was if Vince McMahon got involved in his matches. So I don’t see why people bitch about Cena beating the odds when Austin did it as well.

  • K Law

    Oh and the Orton/ Sheamus match was good except for the ending. Randy stays invincible and Sheamus only loss to date are to Triple H and Evan Bourne…

  • Andrew

    Sheamus has also lost to Goldust, Christian (as ECW Champ), and everyone who was ahead of him back in the Elimination Chamber. Sheamus is a good worker but I don’t like the fact that this was almost the exact same ending as the Royal Rumble. Sheamus as Champ hasn’t had a good feud with anyone BUT Cena. As one of the biggest titles in the World I expect to see better booking (can’t truly blame Sheamus for bad booking)

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