Drew Comments on Tiffany’s Arrest, Update on Cena’s DVD

– Scotland based newspaper The Sunday Mail ran a piece on Tiffany’s arrest last week in Los Angeles, California following a domestic incident involving husband and fellow WWE performer Drew McIntyre at their hotel on August 8.

Regarding the incident, McIntyre said it was a “complete misunderstanding.” He added, I can’t say anything else until it’s cleared up, which will be very soon.”

– WWE’s upcoming DVD set on John Cena has been titled The John Cena Experience. The three-disc set will be released on Nov. 16.

HUGE John Cena Spoiler….




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  • Tony Whiting

    Get rid of Drew!! The same with Cena!!

  • Hulkado

    I agree with u but first release drew the wwe doesnt need his ass.

  • K Law

    You guys are idiots…. WWE needs younger talent and Drew fits the bill and Cena… Don’t get me started on how important Cena is to WWE… If either one of you had any cells in your brains then you would have known that…

  • Hulkado

    We all know how important cena is to the company and how the wwe needs new talent to step up but drews mic skills make me change the channel every time he sucks.

  • killarob

    Get rid of that terrible show called tna they try too hard and they still suck hopes vince buys them out now that will be funny lmao

  • ryan b

    Last night show was boring ass hell, everything was weak an the Daniel Bryan shocking appearance doesnt help it only screw with it.

  • NICK

    WWE does need Cena but he getting boring the story lines are always him trying to get the wwe title or him defending the title he needs to do something else like go to smackdown

  • Kryptonite

    I wouldnt miss drew if he were gone. He doesn.t impress me. What does bother me is jackass people saying “get rid of tna.” WTF! If you don.t like it, don.t watch it! I watch it because it is something different than what WWE has to offer. The show has gone downhill since January but i still like a lot of their talent. It.s good for WWE too because they had to step it up some. For a couple of years WWE had become stale and predictable. I believe that they had to step up with their storylines because TNA had picked up viewers. Hopefully TNA can return to being a true competitor.

  • james

    wwe needs to get rid of cena, wwe losing alot of viewers cause cena stupid gimmick

  • Mr.Hill

    Cena = Good for the kiddies, deal with it and move on. It was said earlier, if you don’t like it watch something else.

    In 5 years when there is no Undertaker, HHH, and the others who will be on TV? You need new talent plain and simple.

  • erik

    cena is just boring he is not good anymore i know what he is going to do in ring his mic skills are really bad. wwe needs to fired cena and give young guys like john morrison, drew, shemeus, are future not old and stale cena.

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