Triple H in Los Angeles, Site of SummerSlam; Discusses Team WWE

A WWE fan attending WWE’s Axxess event sent in the following:

Triple H made an appearance at WWE’s Axxess event on Saturday. Everyone who got to meet him did so due to winning a pass for two from Venom Energy Drink. I was one of those lucky winners. He looked in great shape. Many people asked him if he would be the seventh man for team WWE. He just kept winking his eye and said, “Who Knows”. From a quick conversation with him he said he was in good spirits and quick to return to the ring. Hopefully he’s right.




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  • brenton

    Hopefully he does come back tonite but with nexus they would be unstopable

  • scottish

    i can see him come back tonight with the WWE team, he gets the final pin for team WWE, Cena gets pissed and so goes Cena’s heal turn with Nexus…they destroy him (HHH) and a story line goes into Survivor Series with Cena and Barrett going up against DX ( one last time )…just my 2 cents…

  • TombstoneCharlie

    Goes to show you the WWE can still pull a surprise once in a while! Good job!

  • Tony Whiting

    I Hope he returns!! Im so sick of Anus I mean Sheamus and MIZ! He should come back auld come back and shut them both up!! *S*

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