Carlito Comments On Being Fired, Danielson, WWE Being PG, and More

Carlito posted the following on his Twitter Page:

WWE being PG:

“I’m wondering as fans, were any of u disappointed when the divas came out in those granny suits? I get the whole going PG thing, but WTF? Since when is a bikini not PG? Oh, and BTW all u girls looked gr8 in the granny suits…just sayin!My point is, u wanna go PG fine. But that doesn’t mean wrestling has 2 be lame and cookie cutter! Make it fun again! PG from a business standpoint is actually smart. Vince is not stupid! I’m just sayin that they go a lil overboard with it at times. Sure they might b losing fans, but by being PG the big corporations are less afraid of sponsoring them, and they bring in the big $!Plus, the kids are more likely to buy the toys and merch…and we all know, if mommy approves, its all good!”

Being told Vince was stupid to let him go:

“no, vince was right 2 let me go…and I was very happy 2 go!”

Who came up with the “painting a hole in the wall” skit with Hornswoggle:

“lol, that’s was more of a punishment bc I had asked 2 quit at that point.”

Bryan Danielson’s firing:

“I can’t really speak on that bc I don’t know. It seems to me that something shady happened there. He seemed like a good kid 2 me”

Going back to WWE:

“I’d go back anytime…but if they’re not gonna use me right, I refuse to go back!”

WWE not pushing talented wrestlers, and pushing Sheamus instead:

“I agree…but I have 2 disagree with u about sheamus. At 1st I wasn’t 2 fond of him, but I believe he’s stepped up his game!
His fans and his character over the last couple of years:

“I appreciate all the love people! I can’t believe I still have fans! Let’s face it my character was pretty lame for the past couple of years. Thanks 4 sticking by me! It really broke my heart having 2 walk through that curtain knowing the crap I had 2 go out there and do!”

“Lol, I’m not down on myself! I’m just calling it like I saw it. For the past 2 or 3 years Carlito was lame!”

Bashing WWE and being disrespectful to creative with his last comments:

“I haven’t bashed the WWE, I’m thankful 4 a lot that they gave me! I’m just giving my opinion. If u don’t c that, ur an idiot! that’s the way I felt. In my understanding, that’s an opinion. I guess I’m stupid!”




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  • Hulkado

    Now thats COOL

  • Tony Whiting

    WWE is wierd!! Nexus storyline to even having the legends being bashed! And, lests not forget Randy Orton!! VIPER?? Nah Monkey or Ape type tensions! Come on dude! Punching the mat to Having voices in your head? WWE is whacked! PLANET OF THE ORTONS!!

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