Why Rob Van Dam Is Taking Some Time Away from TNA

– Apparently Rob Van Dam lost the World Heavyweight Title and is taking time off because he signed a contract with TNA for a specific number of dates for this year and partly because of using him on live events, they are running low on the number of available 2010 dates.

TNA chose to have RVD take some time off with an injury angle and hold the tournament for the World Title to have some kind of build for his return.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • Tommy McBroome

    well sure, RVD is actually over with the fans in TNA, so they definitley need to put an end to his push. No wonder TNA got there asses handed to them by the WWE

  • j

    This situation is slack from both parties.
    Why TNA has signed a supposed Main Eventer to a limited dates contract is beyond me. It bloody stupid. If you sign a performer for a Main Event level on a huge contract, you would expect them to perform.. Why make him the face of the company (clearly still behind Hogan) if he pisses off for a holiday halfway through?
    As for RVD. Specified number of dates? Who cares. That company invested a shit load of cash for him. Pay them back by being professional and actually performing for them..

  • PowerUp 5000

    I agree with both comments above…How the heck u give a star limited dates TNA. This is why Dixie Carter and TNA are always getting the short end of the stick . A job is a job , ain’t no way in heck WWE and Vince will let any odf there stars have ” work when u wantt 2 contracts” TNA please push stars that can perform and have good mic skills…U finally gave Motor city the belts etc. Now allow a person like Mr. Anderson who the fans love 2 hate or cheer 2 a push …Tna needs 2 captilize off what the fans like and also bring back the X divsion of old….Or u will lose ur stars real soon 2 Vince

  • Justin

    The main problem is TNA is way to quick to throw their homegrown talent under a bus in favor ex-WWE talent no wonder morale sucks. At least Kurt Angle did the right thing by putting AJ Styles over and jobbing to Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal…

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