Spoiler Notes: Big Heel Turn Discussed, Kane vs. Rey at SummerSlam

– The idea of John Cena turning heel at Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view has at least been discussed in recent creative meetings.

– Several ideas are being talked about for the Kane vs. Rey Mysterio match at SummerSlam. We do know that The Undertaker is booked for an angle at the show.

One idea under discussion was for a casket to be brought to ringside and at the end of the match when either Kane or Rey was about to be thrown in, Undertaker would come out and attack Kane to kick off their feud.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




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  • wtqr wqrw

    if john cena turns heel i will never watch wwe ever again and i will tell my friends not too either

  • Ryan

    NO!!! Not your friends too!!! Seriously nobody gives a shit about your veiwership, we’ve been waiting for this for years.

  • steven

    I would love to see him turn. I’m tired of the same cena! I wanna see HHH as a heel too. But i doubt they’ll turn cena

  • Tommy McBroome

    i cant see them turning cena, he is too much of a cash cow with his merchandise. On the other hand, HHH would be the perfect leader of NEXUS, in my personal opinion

  • Hulkado

    Every great legend has been a heel some point in there career stone cold, the rock, shawn michaels etc, plus its getting f’ing boring that posterboy has to say the same bs every single month, ya it would be cool to see hhh lead the nexus.

  • Angelo

    I really hope Cena will turn heel, that will only improve the WWE imho.
    I, and I’m sure many with me, are sick of face Cena, so I like the idea.

  • j

    I dont know that a Cena heel turn will improve or hurt the WWE landscape like many suggest..
    It will certainly change atleast 1 aspect within the company. Cenas character.
    Lets wait n see if it happens. I hope it does.

  • PowerUp 5000

    All the greats were able 2 be Heel and Face …But let’s. Be real CENA is the face of the company and would be a joke and a money disater if he turned heel ..Cena is in the same boat as Mysterio the kids love em and buy all his merchandise . I know WWE don’t wanna lose that..From a fan of wresting id like 2 see him. Try it but from a business side I wouldn’t do

  • King

    @well finally someone has sense we need more common sense fans.

  • Fifa King

    it be awesome if cena turns heel fed up wid his bullshit every week

  • choclit

    I agree,Wwe will lose alot of money If cena turns heel and I hope he dosent because there’s not enough good wrestlers to hold Raw down as It Is,I mean Shawn Is retired,Triple H stays hurt Jericho Is not trust worthy edge I all for self and Cena Is about the only one who can hold It down so I sure hope he stays good.

  • Fifa King

    well that was hoping cen wud turn heel

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