Spoilers: TNA iMPACT Tapings – 8/19/2010

– Below are live TNA iMPACT spoilers for next week, August 19th, thanks to Kevin and Prowrestling.net:

* They let the VIP fans in (about 125 people) and then locked the doors. Abyss and Jeff Hardy (no paint) fought down the ramp, around the ring and then backstage. It’s over now and they are letting the rest of the “cast members” in. Stay tuned.

Dark Match:

* Robbie T (w/Cookie) defeated Max Buck (w/Jeremy Buck) vs. Robbie is doing a Jersey Shore gimmick. Get it: Cookie/Snookie. Cool gimmick. Robbie won after Cookie distracted Buck. Finish was a combo russian leg sweep neckbreaker for the pin in just over three minutes.

iMPACT, Airing Next Week:

* Eric Bischoff opened show and vacated the title due to RVD’s injuries. There will be a single elimination eight-man tournament starts tonite and ends at Bound for Glory (note: possibly said No Surrender). He said the show must go on. Lovely. He holds Ric Flair accountable.

* Fortune is out. New entrance (like Evolution) with cool music. All in suits except “big bad Doug”. Dixie Carter came out with EV2. She gave them all TNA contracts. Tonight is A.J. Styles vs Tommy Dreamer, and they promise to get Abyss. Dixie asked EV2 not to get physical during the promo.

* Mick Foley cut a promo on Flair to set up future match.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Rob Terry in a tournament match. Hardy was selling an injury. Terry is God awful. We’re talking Brakkus or Khali. Terry blew his spin kick so bad he redid it.

* Mr. Anderson defeated Jay Lethal in a tournament match in 4:11. Anderson won with the Mic Check. He helped Lethal up after the match.

* Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) defeated Madison Rayne (w/mystery biker chick) to retain the TNA Knockouts Title. It was a marathon of a match that ended at 1:37 with a big boot to the kisser (a la Barbarian).

* Kurt Angle defeated Douglas Williams in a tournament match in 4:52. Praying for a head bobble from big bad Doug. Angle won when Doug tapped to ankle lock. Great physical match with two bobble heads from Williams. Angle handed Doug the X Division strap post match.

* Jeremy Borash said to get ready for two people who haven’t teamed in a while. I got excited and thought it was Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. I jumped the gun. It was actually Sting and Kevin Nash.

Sting and Nash said they were about to tell the truth about the cancer in TNA when Jeff Jarrett came out on the ramp and threatened to beat them up. Hulk Hogan came out with Jeff Jarrett. They headed to the ring and there was a big staredown. The lights went out and when they came back on, Fortune beat down everyone. (Actually, when the lights went off, Hogan and Jarrett just laid down in the ring. Hogan was slow.) Fortune celebrated and then left.

* D’Angelo Dinero defeated Matt Morgan in a tournament match in 4:46. Pope delivered a double knee to the back of Morgan outside the ring into the post and then rolled him up for the pin.

* It was announced that you could get photos taken with Generation Me for $25. No thanks.

* A.J. Styles pinned Tommy Dreamer in 6:37. Tommy bled. Fortunate walked onto the ramp, but they were jumped by the EV2.0 faction. Abyss snuck inside the ring and slammed Dreamer to set up the finish. There was a big brawl on the ramp to end the show.

I guess Al Snow and Pat Kenney are just agents again, as they just broke up the fight and didn’t help EV2. This concluded the TNA Impact taping.





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  • joemoefoe

    somebody please tell me what ev2 is?

  • j

    joemoefoe- EV2.0 is a bunch of old fat guys who are trying to squeeze out what very little carreer they have left.
    They also used to work for ECW but cant use that due to Vince McMahon and WWE owning the copyrights to that name and all likenesses…
    Hope this helps

  • PowerUp 5000

    Using these old ECW stars is a bad idea…TNA was all about letting young talent shine not in this DIXIE Carter dumb move is making them hit the back of the line…That is why you talent loved TNA..WWE stole a page from TNA and is now pushing young talent…Dixie Carter will be the reason TNA gets the WCW funeral …Vince will get another TNA original real soon on WWE roster

  • TNAfan

    She did a fine job. Those fortunes is just a reality. I love TNA, but I also love EV 2.0 group. If anyone don’t like it don’t watch it. I know anyone thinking that EV2.0 is a bunch of old fat guys I disagree that comment I think it’s a group of people to remember back in the old ecw days and the TNA fans loved it. I love it too. Carter did the right move she is the boss of this company. Whether you like it or not. Abyss should be suspended without pay indefintely.

  • S.E.S HiTlER

    “tnafan” =your an idiot bc the abyss/rvd thing is an angle you crackhead

    j= i hate to agree with you but shit your rite, still a douch tho

    joemoefoe= how could you not know that you dumbfuck?

    powerup4000=your views are biased dickhead

  • Kryptonite

    Damn. My dvr recording looked like garbage. Didnt get to see tna this week. Can i watch it online?

  • joemoefoe

    s.e.s stfu bro! seriously! stop trash talking on wrestlescoop man

    and krypto maybe on hulu? i download it from piratebay myself

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