Eric Bischoff Says the Rumors and Hogan Tweets Are Bogus

– After linking to Hulk Hogan’s Twitter page on his own Twitter and Facebook pages, saying it was Hulk’s legit account, Eric Bischoff is now saying that he linked to a fake Hogan Twitter page. Bischoff just wrote the following on his page:

The Hogan twitter site that I posted is a fake one. Hulk IS getting a Twitter page up, but the most recent post is a fake. I will post the REAL page info as soon as we get it. Sorry for the confusion.

The Hulk Hogan twitter posts are fake. Hulk IS in the process of setting up a page, but has not as yet. The rumors of us leaving TNA are bogus.

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  • PowerUp 5000

    Hmmm…Is that Bischoff doing damage control ! If this is Hogan tweeting I think this would be UN classy ..We all know Hogan track record as a lil diva..This is why Vince don’t use him in The Wrestlemania anymore because he feels he should get the high Million dollar pay off, when his old butt can’t even take bumps and his Mic skills of ” What ya gonna do” and “You know something Brother” are played out

  • paul g

    lmfao that dude said it BURN ! lmfao ( sorry im fucked up ) hahahaha

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