Spoiler: Big News on the TNA World Heavyweight Title

– TNA did an angle at the end of last night’s iMPACT tapings where Rob Van Dam was taken out of the building in an ambulance. This was done so Van Dam could vacate the TNA World Title because he’s taking some time off.

TNA is holding tournament matches at tonight’s iMPACT tapings. The tournament will conclude at the No Surrender pay-per-view and a new World Champion will be crowned.

The following tournament matches are confirmed:

* Mr. Anderson vs. Jay Lethal

* Douglas Williams vs. Kurt Angle

* The Pope vs. Matt Morgan

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  • j

    Just using those names mentioned. IMO TNA should probably avoid giving the belt to someone like Kurt Angle as he is already in a program.. Id maybe give the belt to Matt Morgan (as the monster heel) or Douglas Williams..

  • Tommy McBroome

    If they give the title to either Morgan or Williams, TNA will go even further down the drain. My money would go on the title going around the waiste of the Pope as he is the only one with the mic skills to be champion. Agree with you that it wont be Angle because he still have a couple more guys to beat before he wins the title

  • Kryptonite

    I.d like to see Abyss have it again. AJ Styles is in the conversation but not my preference.

  • jason

    that stupid man i guy is world champion and he want time off give me a brake

  • PowerUp 5000

    TNA is 2 soft with there Talent..He wants time off so that’s it, when Hogan pushed 2 get him a contract on TNA RVD didn’t mind working SMH ..Vince wouldn’t play that BS, if u sign a contract ur working its unfaif 2 fans if ur not injured just 2 wanna take time off 4 BS..The fans are the reason for ratings and ticket sales……I think the belt should go 2 Anderson or Morgan..the 2 talents WWE never really gave a fair shot and plus they work hard and have good Micskills

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