Who Played Lupus, Why Credible Used His Real Name, Lynn, More

– Raven’s lackey Lupus was played by one of the students from Team 3D’s wrestling school.

– Jerry Lynn was not at Hardcore Justice last night as he was unable to make it to Orlando because of his back injury.

– There was a situation at Hardcore Justice where PJ Polaco (Justin Credible) was asked to remove his shirt because it said his name and had an ECW logo on the back. Credible wore it during his entrance but was told by security, who was told by officials, to remove the shirt.

Word is that Credible had to use his real name because an indy wrestling promoter with a grudge had his girlfriend trademark the Justin Credible name. WWE does not own the Credible name.

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Partial source: PWInsider




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  • King

    that is extremely retarded so this girl has trademarked his name but he had it first though.

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